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I 💚 , use it exclusively, and appreciate it, and those who develop it every day.

A huge "Thank you" to all who facilitate my tech life.

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EXPOSED! cellphones - which, what & how for privacy

One of the questions I am getting asked a lot is: "what cellphone can I use and still be private? I could use Apple, right?"

In an Orwellian world, the best you can do is not using a cellphone at all. No kidding, you're basically bringing an ankle monitor along with you wherever you go. Apple and Google tracking you, every step of your way. But if that wasn't bad enough, they're then sharing and selling your data.

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Hello :mastodon:

I am hiring 💸 !

Looking 👀 for a Network Security Engineer 🕸️ for my customer.
Job description 📰 on demand.

Required #skills are:
Palo Alto &
(Algosec would be a plus)

Position based in #luxembourg 🇱🇺

Feel free to contact me

#joboffer #job #iamhiring #lookingforajob

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Mainline #Linux porting is finally taking shape on my Xiaomi Mi 5.

Mostly based on Yassine Oudjana's xiaomi-scorpio work, so my gratitude goes to him.

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Organic Maps is an open source privacy respecting Android & iOS offline maps app based on OpenStreetMap data

Organic Maps is free from trackers and other bad stuff:
* No ads
* No tracking
* No data collection
* No phoning home
* No annoying registration
* No mandatory tutorials
* No noisy email spam
* No push notifications
* No crapware


#technology #opensource #maps #openstreetmap #privacy #navigation

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**Glasgow’s decision to divest from fossil fuels must be backed up with action**

"The Strathclyde Pension Fund Committee has announced that it’ll no longer invest in firms that don’t meet environmental standards. Its announcement came as a … "

#news #bot

A photon was checking into a hotel.
The concierge asked it if it needed help with its luggage...
"No, thank you", replied the photon... "I'm travelling light."

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I am delighted to launch the 'Libre Tech Shop' - a unique shop for products that respect your freedom to learn, hack, extend and do things yourself.

Check out the online shop at:

The background story behind this launch:

Here - you'll be able to buy liberated computers, hackable mechanical keyboards, private and secure home automation solutions, wireless routers, spare parts and much more.

@scas has made a video about @ubports on the Nexus5. (Bug # 301 has finally been fixed! Woot Woot!! )

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Live in Germany? Share this with your friends + family - Today, our government passed a law to force companies (Telekom, Vodafone etc.) to spy on users, even if they’re innocent and haven’t committed a single crime. We can’t let Germany act like the American NSA as well.
Copy & paste one of the following messages and share with your friends and family. [...]

Complete text here :

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People from all walks of life take part in 'Green Ghana' project aimed at saving depleting forest reserves. ‘Action time’: Ghanaians plant 5m trees to fight forest depletion
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OneSignal (YC S11) is hiring engineers to work on messaging: Push, SMS, & Email -

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