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After the first successfull update, I had some palpitations when the laptop froze and it didn't even respond to the poweroff button.

Happily, a paperclip aided reset worked, and the update succeeded on the second try.

Inaugural Post for Lemmy, a decentralized, easily self-hostable #reddit / link aggregator alternative, intended to work in the #fediverse:


Can someone German-speaking help me understand what "fahrender Lebensweise" is intended to mean as a concept?

I must take a survey from the Bundesamt für Statistik and this concept as an English-speaker could have multiple meanings: "car-driving way of life", "nomadic (travelling) way of life", or something else?

Since there have been some serious improvements in when it comes to DXVK and mesa, I gave Quake Champions another serious look.

Besides the fact that I suck, my carpal tunnel flared up like a mother fucker, so no more programming for me tonight.

I just found my favourite thing to listen to this week.


@cj I'm Rome - Who only Europe know.

Have you listened to it by any chance?

I love the song, yet feel such an ambivalence towards it due to its (and Rome's in general) selection of contemporary sensitive themes together with an unclear stance about them. This allows anyone and everyone to interpret it how they see fit, and, as always the vocal ones are spoiling it for everyone else. (See the comments on the youtube video for a sample)

So I've been programming go in my spare time, more or less everyday for the past year, and I still don't have a "feel" for the language. I am starting to wonder if it's its fault or mine.

Best thing to come out of my experimenting with the generic service is that I created a really good http errors package on top of x/errors, with nice stack unwrapping and json output[1]. Probably now I need to make it non internal. :D


For a couple of weeks reddit makes me relogin every time I'm closing my browser just to force me to use their bullshit new interface instead of old.reddit.

Fuck that. I'll make my own!

Well, about 25 hours later, I have a bare bones activitypub speaking application.

It is lacking _a lot_ of real world features (no validation, no authentication, etc) but it can receive activities to inbox/outbox end-points, and it can display them. All in 1800 loc of Go.

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