Only 10 #activityPub projects have more than 10k users.

Most new projects struggle with getting attention and visibility.

I think bigger projects should play a more pro-active role in acknowledging, and if possible, mentoring new/smaller projects.


@dansup what big projects can do to foster smaller ones is sticking as close as possible to the ActivityPub spec. If not in the activities they produce, at least in the ones they receive.

The biggest problem I see at the moment is that every project is trying to implement the mistakes Mastodon made.

@mariusor this may or may not be what you mean, but my biggest gripe: ActivityPub is html by default yet here we are, all typing text only tweets.

@gidi that's only partly true. An AP object can have a Source property where the client can encode the original format for the Content. I use it to pass the original markdown users input, so clients that might want to implement their own rendering can do so.

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