I have a lot of respect for the legacy of #RalphNader, and he clearly respects the legacy of #RobertFellmeth, but listening to these two old men discuss internet regulation on Nader's #podcast is truly painful:

For a start, they don't know that FB already enforces real names and have completely missed the long-running debate about the #UnintendedConsequences of this:

Everything else in the discussion is about as far behind the 8 ball.

@strypey "real names" All this does is keeps people with privacy concerns away from your platform and pushes them towards platforms which are more likely to radicalize them.

t. ex-8chan user

@allison @strypey how can anyone be sure that a person with a furrvatar and a made up name is contributing in good faith? (I'm not trying to attack you, but provide a counterargument to your statement)

@mariusor @strypey Because every once and a while I set aside performative irony and actually talk seriously about subjects I have a personal investment in? Like, I've been down all the steps of the radicalization pipeline, and back again, I know how this shit works. It's a lot of the reason I'm as open about my past as I am, because truthfully, I wouldn't wish it on anyone. If you have any more specific questions, please feel free to ask. (p.s. about the "fake name" thing, that's not quite true, I'm actually going to be legally changing my name to this in a year or so, so "fake name" is a bit of a stretch and also inadvertently transphobic to boot)

@allison @strypey like I said I wasn't trying to attack you. By "made up name" I was trying to contrast to "real name".

And yes, maybe having a privacy feature of displaying just an alias for a contributor would be nice, but to minimize the burden of proof that you're contributing in good faith I think it's a good idea that staff should have access to real names/identities of other staff.

OTOH wikipedia can do just fine with small contributions from anonymous people, so there's that. :)

@mariusor @strypey "good faith" can be something of a subjective issue depending on the ideological stance you choose to take going into it, but the way I see it, good faith is assuming your opponent or whoever you're talking to is actually interested in discussing things with a degree and air of seriousness and not just blatantly trolling or doing performative irony with whatever it is you're discussing (not to say those don't have a place too! Just not in the same kind of discussion imo)

As for Wiki, I think they manage to do reasonably well with anonymous contributions by having a fair amount of institutional safeguards which minimize the impact of vandalizing and trolling when it does happen (although subtle topic shifts/biasing representations in articles happen, regardless of whether or not the people contributing to the articles are anon, pseudonymic, or have their legal names divulged)

@allison @strypey to come back to you personally. Would you feel the same level of reluctance to contribute to strypey's effort if your name would be known only to a limited number of users as opposed to being completely public?

@mariusor @strypey Yes, because that would still be a single point of failure and there could still be unintended adverse social consequences from tying a legal name to something. Let me put it this way, I have known several people who have had their lives utterly ruined from having one ill-placed mention of their real name allowing their opsec to be completely compromised. Entire websites essentially have a trade in writing libel and trying to harass people using their "powerwords" (legal names) and make their lives miserable for contrived and bad reasons. The only sane position to take in such an environment is one of minimal to no trust of any authority that can have your legal name, regardless of the social or personal ramifications of not divulging personal info

@allison @strypey ok, makes sense. Thank you for replying. I hope strypey is taking notes. :D

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