#ActivityPub question:

When you receive an Add activity into the inbox for a paged collection you don't control, how do you know whether or not to split off a new page in that collection? It doesn't seem like Collections know their own page size...

@cwebber @kaniini

@jdormit @kaniini I generate the collection pages dynamically from a datastructure pointed to from the collection uri internally

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Ah, so you don't differentiate between paged and unpaged in your data model? Do you just return a paged collection for all collections past a certain size?

@jdormit @kaniini What I've done is generate paged collections Very Dynamically, so something like:


So the first link is to the collection, which of course links to the latest page at the time of generation
The second link's query parameter points at the first item from this page you'd like (assuming it is indeed in the collection) then gives the N (eg 20) items in the page. Then link to then next one!

@cwebber I really like the id of the page query param pointing to a specific item id and just returning the next N items. Elegant way of expressing dynamic paging.


@jdormit @cwebber unless the way the collection is ordered has no relation to the id itself.

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