@strypey are you the person that adds content to fediverse.party? If so, for littr.go (which is mentioned on the miscellaneous page) there's an instance up now at littr.me

I just released termenv, a #golang package that gathers information about the terminal environment in terms of its ANSI & color support.

You can then use its convenient methods to colorize and style your text output with ANSI escape sequences.

Check it out: github.com/muesli/termenv

Oy! The demo team has shipped final 𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐇𝐞𝐫𝐞𝐭𝐢𝐜 demo version. See it here: youtube.com/watch?v=iQZobAhgay and more details at unity3d.com/the-heretic #unity3d

# toot 0.25.0 released

It's been a little while, enjoy. :)

* Show character count when composing (#121)
* Include changelog and license in sourceballs (#133)
* Fix searching by hashtag which include the '#' (#134)
* Upgrade search to v2 (#135)
* Fix compatibility with Python < 3.6 (don't use fstrings)


And of course, the objects in the Inbox need to get dereferenced if they are presented as IRIs in the Activity.

Gaaah... I've been struggling for about two weeks and a half to get a generic/async method for accumulating[1] objects from their respective activity collections and it's still far from good and even further from fast.

[1] When loading a collection that holds activities (ie, an Inbox) and you want to load all corresponding objects that match a set of filters. Basically loading all activities from the Inbox recursively until the object conditions are satisfied.

Got a new pair of swede goggles for swimming... I forgot how good it is not to have them get fogged after two pool lengths. :D

Lemmy Release v0.6.0 - Avatars, email notifications, and a lot more.

v0.6.0 is here, and we've closed 41 issues! This is the biggest release by far:


Another major announcement is that Lemmy now has another lead developer besides me, @felix Theyve created a better documentation system, implemented RSS feeds, simplified docker and project configs, upgraded actix, working on federation, a whole lot more.

#lemmy #activitypub #fediverse #reddit


I am struck by how ahead of its time imood was. And it had basically just the good parts of social media.

Also, right now the Internet is feeling depressed.


Slow, imperfect progress is better than none at all.

I think my favourite metal songs have a very strong folk influence. Where most metal is heavily Norse inspired, there are bands which bring their own culture into the music and that makes it more interesting for me.

Sepultura - Itsári: youtube.com/watch?v=o-nWkpj6my

"I am, or was.

At the mid-day meal the sun began to set and the quiet dragged on.

There was once a man who lived for a very long time; perhaps three thousand years, or perhaps a thousand million years, maybe a trillion or so, depending on how the scientists look at it."


Today I thought about the film which I consider "the best", and ended up discovering that someone has uploaded to youtube the full OST.

The Baby of Mâcon - Original Soundtrack: youtube.com/watch?v=TlcQ9SFjMS

A little bit more serious of an update about , I'm working on better collection loading for the main tabs. In order to do this, I fell down a rabbit hole of improvements for . First of them, which is almost complete, is to use keyset pagination instead of limit-offset one.

Woohoo, someone submitted the first spam post on . I think this means we have finally hit the main stream. :))

Small brain energy today.

I am at that age when recovering after a night out takes the whole damn weekend.

Opened two big wlroots pull requests recently: the first one introduces a high-level scene-graph API, the other one introduces a low-level API to be able to use KMS planes. These will be the wlroots foundations for my long-term goal to use KMS planes to improve performance and battery usage.


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