Almost done refactoring #fediDB developer tools so you can use them without creating an account!


After about 7 years of riding only fixed gear, this week I switched to a gravel bike, and oh man, everything is sooo different. At least it will be nice to ride during the winter.

🕵🏻‍♂️ Wondering what exactly is lurking in your SQLite databases? Never again. sqlite-tui is a keyboard and mouse driven SQLite browser that we think is simply awesome.

Built with Bubble Tea and Lip Gloss!

New Lemmy Release! v0.12.0 🥳

Includes user and community blocking, leaner federation code, new API docs, and a whole lot more.

#activitypub #fediverse #lemmy #reddit

toot v0.28.0 released after a long while with a bunch of improvements. Thanks to all the contributors!

#toot #mastodon #cli

For those who want to keep track of my plans regarding #Smithereen, I've made a "project" on github with most everything I want in the 1.0 release:

Now that I've written it all out, I realized that photo albums are quite a lot more work than I anticipated!

#activitypub @activitypub #mastodev

The wlroots scene-graph API is now merged \o/

This opens up a lot of opportunities, both to simplify compositors and to optimize wlroots.

A short update on what's been happening with (nee ), the federated link aggregator, and , the generic service.

Spoliers: it was mostly refactoring around having to load data from multiple services.

#Smithereen update: basic support for polls is in. You can vote and see results. They will be up to date if the remote server sends Update{Question}. And that's it. You can't create your own polls yet.

#activitypub @activitypub #mastodev


Version 1.3 of Sailtrix, the client for #SailfishOS has been released on OpenRepos. New features include notifications, a cleaner, tab based layout, sorting rooms by activity, and matrix URL scheme handling. Get it at


OK, fixed how the lib was used and now I have a smallish increase in speed, around 10%.

Not sure if it was worth the hours I've put in it yet.

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Damn, worked the whole day to replace buger/jsonparser with valyala/fastjson and performance dropped 2x.


🎉 We made it! 🎉

The updated #Hurd, #glibc, and #GNU #Mach packages are available in #Debian right now. Please upgrade and reboot ASAP!

A lot of work went into making this possible 😀

It's very satisfying to see all my exploits fail — and not just in my experimental subhurd, but on the host, running upstream Debian binaries. They just... no longer work, can you believe it?

(That being said, there still are some unpatched vulnerabilities in the Hurd — but there's a lot less of them now.)

If anyone interested in and needs an example about how to load an actor's inbox or any other collection, I created a short example:

Are you eager to try out #Matrix Spaces?
Join our at

Channels of #Codeberg projects can be found in the sub-space in the future.

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