Called “Baikal Zen” this “leg” of ice was created when the stone froze to the ice and winds wore away at the area beneath it, forming this pedestal. In some cases, the rock heats up from sunlight and emits infrared rays melting the ice below it

We are happy to announce the second stable release of MauiKit and the Maui Apps.

Read more about the 1.2.0 stable release in the following post.

#mauikit #kde #nitrux #pinephone #convergent #mauiproject

The big royalty-free music bundle over on Humble (good for content creators!) just expanded, there's more tracks now: (partner)

Hypothetically speaking: If there was an #ElementaryOS dedicated TUXEDO laptop, what special perks would you like to see? Any of these or something different?

#CustomDesign #LaserEtched #ShareYourThoughts @elementary

As I wrote about recently on @matt (, I'm spending my spare time thinking about a new private communication tool that helps me keep in touch with people better.

Right now, it's looking like it'll be a new email client.

After less than 3 years in service my Kindle Oasis' battery is close to death. From a week's worth of charge, now I can barely go one day with 2/3 hours of reading before I need to recharge.

I hated the device, so good riddance.

I'm getting back to my Kobo Aura that pushes its 6th anniversary and is still going strong.

I'm doing a bit of research for a talk, could you send me anything relevant to paper computing, diy punchards machines, graph-paper coding, vedic mathematics, mechanical programming, and other things you have stumbled upon that you found interesting related to computerless computing?

I've made a new post for what's been happening with my link aggregator and generic service in the past month.

The improvements are not very visible for users, as most of the work has been for decoupling the items that the aggregator displays and the ones it loads from its activitypub backend. This feature is not fully complete, but I feel like I'm heading in the right direction.

#Smithereen update: a better post text parser. It now generates valid HTML in 100% of cases. It doesn't recognize links where there aren't any. It works correctly with code blocks that contain blank lines. It processes mentions in a more clever way, and adds internal user IDs to them so it's now possible to make those VK/Twitter-style hover cards.


Features no-one asked for: sound reactive keyboard lights.

My order for the reMarkable 2 tabket has just arrived. As I haven't owned the previous version this took me by surprise at how good it is. I must say that it's the best device I have ever held in my hands.

Changed my docker containers from distroless/base to distroless/static and they were reduced in size from 12.5MB to 5.3MB. Bye, bye glibc!!

And it's done!

Now, back to the mobile layout. I just realized that I should be using "cards" for posts, like I did in the VK Android app ages ago. Back then we removed that weird black-and-electric-blue iOS-esque design (that some people liked anyway) and replaced it with gorgeous Holo. The subsequent Material redesign kept the cards but made them full-width, and that's what I'll be going for here as well.

#Smithereen #ActivityPub

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