#WriteFreely v0.12 is just about ready! This upcoming version includes #ActivityPub mentions, OAuth support, and plenty of small improvements.

For anyone interested in helping us test out this new version, we've just put out a release candidate for you to try today, and would love your feedback!


I haven't posted about or in a while.

This unexpected long vacation that we're all having right now, allowed me to finally finish a big feature, which was keyset activity collection client side loading.

It's a bit of a mouthful, and currently the performance is not very good, but our code can load an actor's inbox/outbox and display it's objects transparently using different logic based on the Activity's type or the Object's type.


After years of bitter struggle, my work is finally done: In Fedora 32 vim autodetects terminal background and adjusts the color scheme also when run in screen.

You can thank me later. I'm also accepting beer and weed.

Looking for a libre tool to collaboratively archive huge amount of high-res photos. Preferably with ACL and a good API layer to be able to build something on top of that. Any ideas?

#opensource #libre #needhelp

Funkwhale, dev, moderation 

#Smithereen update. Added support for that webfinger domain redirection XML thing (gould.cx/ted/blog/2018/01/29/J). @liaizon uses this setup on his mastodon instance and you couldn't mention him before. Now you can.

#activitypub #mastodev

#Smithereen update.
- Friendship status is now shown clearly below the profile picture.
- Sending friend requests and removing friends is now done with ajax (but is still followed by a page reload — for now).
- Also fixed a bug where if you unfriended someone you couldn't follow them again to add them back to your friend list.

#activitypub #mastodev

We've started a #lemmy Council - a group of devs and users dedicated to steering Lemmy in a positive direction.


#activitypub #reddit #fediverse

Registration #A259744 - 1956-11-05
Title: Mechanics of agriculture. Notes and workbook.
Claimants: Paul E. Johnson
No renewal record found.

False alarm, bbolt still works fine with go1.14.

But still... badger looks nice. :D

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If you are a developer, know #golang, and have been wanting to make a #FLOSS #ActivityPub application for the betterment of the #Fediverse, please consider go-fed.

I will happily consult with you for free (gratis) to help you determine if go-fed is even the right choice for your needs, and would like to help ensure you feel you're on a good path.

I'd like to see more ActivityPub apps out there!

If you're not a developer, or don't know golang, and would like to, check out tour.golang.org


We (the qaul.net project) just released the first version of Ratman: a modular, decentralised, userspace packet router, written in #rustlang! ✨

Docs: docs.rs/ratman

Repo: git.open-communication.net/qau

Ratman can build circuits between devices on a decentralised network, advertising payloads, or sending unicast messages, all while making no assumption about the carrier network. This way changing transmission channels (roaming) is easy and built into the core architecture.

As always in the middle of a large and tedious body of changes for my projects, I get distracted all the time with side features.

Currently, it seems that in go1.14 building etcd-io/bbolt is problematic, so I'm thinking about creating a dgraph-io/badger repository implementation for the generic service.

I keep coming back to the thought that the fediverse isn't really meant for the standard web browser. It needs its own dedicated native client, a "fediverse browser".

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