Nevermind, the problem persists on other devices. Using the same dependencies and the same code, multiple machines get segfaults but one doesn't. o.O

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For the past two weeks I've been struggling to debug a asynchronous libcurl segfault and nothing seemed to make sense. Today after reverting to the first version that was affected, it worked just fine. I believe this might be my first meeting with a Heisenbug. cert is renewed, has been kicked back alive.

Merged a bunch of PRs and commented on a few bugs. Thanks for everyone for being patient.

New Lemmy Release! v0.15.1: Private instances, New User Registrations, Email Verification, and Temporary Bans. 🎉

#activitypub #reddit #lemmy #fediverse

#Smithereen update.

- Events! Yes, events! They're a subtype of group with additional fields — namely, start and end times. There's no field for location yet. There will be one at some point in the future.
- You can tentatively join an event. This is my first custom activity type (sm:TentativeJoin).
- There are reminders for events like for birthdays (you can see one on the screenshots).
- There's a calendar that shows your events and friends' birthdays.

#activitypub @activitypub #mastodev

Meager update this month for , the federated link aggregator, and , the generic service. It's mostly related to the moderation feature I already mentioned a couple of times, but there's a couple of goodies in there too.

Details at:

I'm not sure if anyone is interested in a spotify workflow for that doesn't involve the actual client.

Today I added a final piece to the puzzle:

Frontend: spotify-tui

Play device: spotifyd

MPRIS media keys and track info: spotpris2

Audioscrobbler: mpris-scrobbler

It's time that I announce my first #activitypub based project which goes by the name of #Stringer and has an official project account via @stringerblog. It's a blogging platform that has been in development for about a month now that originally was going to be for my own personal site. So there's a loose foundation for me to build off of :)

I'd love to say there's something for people to test, but I will be communicating a timeline as things move along. Stay tuned!

📈 A total of €611k has been donated through Liberapay this year. That's twice as much as in 2020. 🙂

While waiting for to release the Sony Xperia 10 III version of , the more I have to use the preinstalled Android, the more I see how much better Jolla's gesture navigation is (even in its current stunted format). Except application ecosystem (granted very important onto itself) Sailfish OS is a vastly superior mobile OS in my opinion.

@kensanata thank you for the earlier mention of Commisaire Dupin stories. I strongly dislike the character, but Jean-Luc Bannalec's descriptions of Brittany and sea side cuisine are mouth wateringly good. :)

The missing corpse

This is a reminder to always include version information when filing bug reports.

I managed to get working a workflow for moderators and moderation using vanilla client to server. I need to put it down on paper before I forget it. :D


The Triban was merely 7% slower on flat (at 250W) and 5% slower uphill (equivalent of 250W in 3.5W/Kg) than the Pinarello Dogma F12.

The conclusion was that for strictly riding, the cheaper bike can do plenty, but the feeling and the performance of the superbike is worth it if you can afford it.

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Shitty weather means no riding for me... so I got my fix watching the very entertaining "documentaries". My favourite so far was the Super bike vs Cheap bike. Go Triban!!!

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