@monsieuricon @davidak Right, Mastodon doesn't automatically pull in existing posts when it discovers an account on another instance. But once someone on your instance is following an account, new posts will show up there.

To get around this, you can search for the full URL of a blog post from your Mastodon search bar -- that'll make it fetch / import the post so you can interact with it.

Some kernel developers now have their blogs hosted on people.kernel.org, which is a WriteFreely instance with ActivityPub syndication. For example, try out @gregkh.

See more here:

I'm doing a deep dive into documenting #ActivityPub for a soon-to-be-released software project and in doing so, found a few parts of the standard I weren't aware of was in the standard. Therefore I'm now writing up a document distilling the AP spec so folks can check their own implementations against it.

Finally managed to backport some of the activitypub collection loading integration tests from to


Now the **real** work begins where I implement C2S and S2S tests.

I love the new new layout, but it sucks you can't add your existing tag columns as custom categories in the right side menu.

Continuing the meme #metal train, it's time to listen to the dope as hell clarinet cover of Necrophagist.

Brutal clarinet sweeps.


Ultimately, there's not even a need to start from scratch on a new engine, #Servo is pretty far along and having even minimal resources invested into it from outside #Mozilla / #Samsung would surely help it towards a 1.0 much sooner.

If these companies are willing to work with Google, why not Mozilla?

I realize, it would be more work to get Servo production ready in the short term, but would maintaining a fork of Blink be so much easier as similar user-hostile changes pile up upstream?

@gamingonlinux do you have any coverage of the Google Stadia event? Or wasn't there any linux relevant info in it?

Berlin people: what's the coolest place for working on a laptop right now?

And I do mean cool in the literal sense.

"E Unibus Pluram: Television and U.S. Fiction"

Surprisingly how relevant this 1993 essay is if you replace "TV" with "the internet".

It can be downloaded from here [PDF]: jsomers.net/DFW_TV.pdf

Here it is, the first release candidate of Telephant 0.1:


Static binaries for Linux & Windows are ready to download! Arch users can simply install "telephant-git" from the AUR.

Packages for other Linux distros and a macOS binary will follow soon!

What do you use as your daily driver?
(Boosts appreciated)

I mean, sure, #Gab spewing their community onto the #Fediverse is bad and hopefully most of the large servers will just blanket ban them - and I'm pretty sure that will happen as these communities tend to look after each other pretty well in my experience.

But as a #FOSS person, when I see some FOSS people complain that "#Mastodon got forked" I cannot help but wonder whether they even know what a FOSS #license is?

Managed to get a lot of generic service code refactored into separate packages in order to provide a generic boltdb storage layer for it.

The long(ish) term plan is to use fedbox as the activitypub backend for .

You should be happy about Gab joining the fediverse, even if you're going to instance-block them the minute they're up. The entire point of this is that anyone should be allowed to talk about whatever they want online, but that you don't have to listen or allow their posts on your instance at all.

You couldn't ask for a more perfect demo of voluntary federation and its moderation model.

I'm impressed by my country's turnout for the European Parliament elections.

> BTW the ones mentioned as "false" are not opinions, are facts that can be checked by everyone

My view on this is that anyone claiming to have the absolute facts about any sufficiently complicated social/economical/political mechanism is at best self deluded and naive.

I can accept your statements as opinions. I can accept them as nuance. But I cannot accept them as "facts".

@sir I finally got around to summing up my thoughts from our ForgeFed discussions last year:


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