#Smithereen update: the media cache now works for photos inside posts too. And, most important part of it, it now also deletes old files when the configured cache size is exceeded. Unlike some other implementations that store terabytes of cat pictures indefinitely 😏

#ActivityPub #mastodev

Almost done. The last thing that needs to get done is keeping all the replies in a thread as being private, by default the service is BCC'ing to itself.

Working hard on and to add private messages on top of client to server protocol.

Anyone remember this from the late nineties early naughts? I think this was one of the songs I was using to warm up for Quake 2 matches. :D

Bob Marley vs. Funkstar De Luxe: Sun is shining: youtube.com/watch?v=swV98B_3Yr

I've just released a simple #ActivityPub debugging tool. It's hosted on Glitch so you don't have to worry about spinning up servers or SSL certs etc. You clone your own copy of the project, set it up, and you can create ActivityPub accounts that can send any raw JSON payload you specify to its followers. I use it for testing new and novel ActivityPub objects, and to test compatibility with messages sent from remote servers without needing to create an account on them.


Forgot my wireless headphones at home and had to use the backup wired in ear pair. Oh man.. the smoothness and the volume. :)

There are two discussions I've seen today on HN about the decline of reddit and the elements that are needed to foster good online discussions.

Somewhat surprisingly for me, some of the comments were talking about the same things which made me start

Lemmy Release v0.5.0 - RSS feeds, custom language, url archiving, lots of bugs fixed.

Special thanks to @felix for the RSS work!


#activitypub #lemmy #fediverse #reddit

From Spotify's end of the year thing, the top genres I've listened to this year: pagan black metal, medieval folk, dark jazz, metal and compositional ambient.

And I wasn't sure if I can call myself a metal head... :)

Big update on the generic service.

The underlying packages have been heavily refactored, removing a lot of unnecessary dependencies between them, and simplifying the data model for the objects.

More details on the post: littr.me/~marius/1415a540-0ef8

Hmmm.... when did Linked Data Signatures appear in the spec?! o.O

That's what you get when you take too long to implement your service. You're always behind the spec...

Well, that was a big one:

> 63 files changed, 9912 insertions(+), 1730 deletions(-)

Unfortunately this means I'm going to use unsafe.Pointer for some conversions between my structs. Not super excited going around the type system for my use case, but there is no other clean way (that I know of) of having multiple types share similar structures.

Anonymous field embedding is not a clean way (IMHO) - that's what I'm using now.

Starting to feel the final API for my go package crystalize in my mind.

After two years of trying different things, I will finally start moving towards releasing a stable-ish first version.

I don't exactly recall how I stumbled upon this song, it as it doesn't quite fit into my usual musical patterns. Yet it has something hypnotic.

Saltillo - A Hair on the Head of John the Baptist: youtube.com/watch?v=2U9tRflEVX

Slow, imperfect progress is better than none at all.

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