Fixed existing broken go-fed/activity/pub tests:
16.2% -> 32.9% coverage

Added more unit tests:
32.9% -> 56.4% coverage

Woot! Getting somewhere.

#Smithereen update. At this point, I can finally consider likes to be done and fully functional the way I want them. They're better than Mastodon's, too — they *should* be consistent across instances, that is, as long as other instances send them LD-signed. Same thing about replies. I now forward activities to make sure every instance that has the top-level post of a thread has a complete representation of the thread itself.

#ActivityPub #mastodev

Auch 2020 gibt es wieder #ActivityPub Conference.

Eine Konferenz zur Gegenwart und Zukunft des führenden föderierten Webstandards.

Ihr könnt Euch hier registrieren, es ist für alle gratis:
Wer zuerst kommt, malt zuerst.

#apconf2020 #fediverse

#Smithereen update.

I've refactored the hell out of the most crucial federation-related part — #ActivityPub inbox. This is going to allow me to do all kinds of things, like forwarding LD-signed activities to other instances for the sake of data consistency.

Does this 5-parameter generic feel like proper enterprise-grade Java yet? :D

It bares repeating that after I'm done with moderation, I'll be moving to actually federating, first with other instances of itself and then the _real_ work starts, when trying to federate with the at large.

I'm a bit scared of that to be honest. :(

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The beta instance for, the federated link aggregator, has now enabled Blocking of users and Reporting of submissions and comments.

This all is done just with plain

Currently I'm thinking how to balance restricting the recipients of these moderation activities with an anonymized but public moderation log. Sigh...

If you're interested to take a look, please check out

#Smithereen update: L I K E S!!1
Likes are now done. They work exactly like they do in VK. Additional tweaks:
- Refectored the JS a bunch.
- Boxes can now be dismissed by an X, by the escape key and by clicking outside.
- All transitions on them are now animated.
#ActivityPub #mastodev

A new version on the link aggregator: moderation is coming.

First in the form of blocking users, but with other improvements in the generic service.

This is the last big hurdle before starting work on server to server federation. So say we all!

#SailfishOS devices I've had, listed chronologically, numbered by preference:

1. #Jolla1 (multiple)
2. #JollaTablet
2. #JollaC
2. #SonyXperiaX
1. #FxtecPro1

(Yeah, they all mean a lot to me, hard to decide 😅)

How about you? Which ones do you have and what are your favourites? is a reddit-like website, which is built upon the foundations of acitivitypub-federation and free software. I especially like the transparency of the mods and admins. For instance, the work of mods is visible in a modlog.

It is both suitable for link-sharing and discussions.

This project is also financed by to complete the activitypub federation.

In this community, there exist also many political sublemmies, for instance:



general political protest (civil disobedience, protest movements, current and historic):








Please join.

Another instance, you will be able to subscribe to from the fediverse after the federations is complete: - which is run by @stux

Another reddit-alternative is which is technically similar interesting.

#antifa #antifascism #BlackLivesMatter #fediverse #politics #anarchism #linux #activitypub #protestmovements #opsec #itsec #vegan #xmpp #matrix #reddit #linksharing #activitypub

I like how fediverse crawlers keep trying to get something out of my #Smithereen instance by iterating through all kinds of API endpoints, none of which I have yet.

#Smithereen update: a much better remote follow page that actually fits into the popup window. And the login form too, in case you aren't logged in for some reason. What a revolutionary innovation!

I'm also happy to report that getting CSS to vertically align elements exactly as you want them aligned is still a major pain in the ass, even with flexbox. Some things about web development never change.

#ActivityPub #mastodev

#Smithereen update.
- User list in the admin panel.
- UI to change the access levels for users.

#ActivityPub #mastodev

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