Just read about how both postgresql and sqlite support generated columns out of values extracted with json document selectors.

This is a very good abstraction to use them as simple document storage for but with the querying niceties of a full SQL implementation.





Recovering from my vaccine shot. This was a suitable soothing song:

Amenra - Voor Immer: youtube.com/watch?v=U-5pOBUmNb

MastoPurge 1.2.0 is here! 🎉

After a long time I finally reserved some time for PR merging and testing and managed to create release 1.2.0 :-)

... with the following new features:
* Pinned posts are not deleted
* Non-interactive mode available for automation
* Dry-run mode available


Well, it feels as if I have rewritten like half of the Hurd (with additional patches for glibc and GNU Mach...), but I finally have developed the patchset to thoroughly fix all three of my vulnerabilities. 🎉

And the patches are no longer "very WIP", they're nice & relatively self-contained, and they ended up less intrusive than it seemed they had to be.

Bad (?) news: I found many more issues that seem exploitable. Some of them I already fixed; others would need more work.

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Plexodus is covering the Freenode / Liberanet Situation

Plexodus is a ... concept ... with a number of online presences (including a Reddit channel and Wiki) dedicated to the challenge of community migration from dead, or in this case, openly hostile, platforms.

We're now looking at the Freenode hijacking and Liberanet.chat situation.


#Freenode #LiberanetChat #Plexodus

10K pages out of 16K in reading "The Wandering Inn".

If you're looking for a good webseries (it's still running strong), with an Isekai plot, with great characters and strong female leads you should give it a try.

And now I think I'm done and I can say that these features are enough for the first beta release. Everyone is welcome to host their own #Smithereen 0.1 instance, try it out, and report any issues.

Get it here: github.com/grishka/Smithereen

#activitypub #mastodev

Today's #Smithereen updates:

- Account bans. Very simple feature. An admin or a moderator can ban any local account and set a message that will be displayed to the user.

- The JS and CSS files are now generated as part of the main maven build so I no longer have to commit a bunch of minified CSS every time I add a style.

#activitypub #mastodev

For the apcore example app, named bland, I gotta fix a few bugs for the followers & following collections to be properly updated. Then I need to test live w/ 2 instances of them set up.

I think that'll be about the end of that example app, it'll just be a demo that folks looking at the framework can use to learn.

There's a lot more unit tests i need to get written before I can begin to consider apcore at v1.0. also a lot of bugs to fix reported by the community.

Matrix: #go-fed:feneas.org

Do real-world ActivityPub implementations support type property that's an array? Like in this figure from the spec: w3.org/TR/activitystreams-core

I glanced at #Mastodon source, they are using a library for json-ld, so should be able to deserialize at least, but I'm not sure if they don't do obj["type"] == "Note" internally.

#Pleroma seem to do just that, so if type is an array, Pleroma will just fail.

Not sure about other implementations (#PeerTube, #Misskey, #Pixelfed etc.).

Put another way: do Fediverse servers fully implement JSON-LD, or do they treat documents as fancy JSON?

Hey there!

This note was sent using GoToSocial, a brand new activitypub server implementation written in Golang.

It's Mastodon-API compatible, so you can use it with kickass existing apps like Tusky and Pinafore.

The project has been in development since around February and we're approaching a point where we're ready to do a beta release.

For more info, check out the link below:


📦 Out now: 🧋 Bubble Tea v0.13.4

This bugfix release corrects a mis-rendering that could occur when the number of lines increases whilst the prompt is near the bottom of the terminal.

Keep on rendering!


I've been mostly quiet regarding and development lately, and that was because I was focusing on a TUI interface for administering a FedBOX instance.

I'm making progress slower than I wanted to but it's still progress. :)

I'm not sure why this is tagged as HipHop, to me it sounds more like dark jazz: now playing Dated - Open Casket:


Any #FootTerminal users out there running it under KDE/Plasma?

Looking for testers of a performance improving PR: codeberg.org/dnkl/foot/pulls/4

The task would be to verify that a) it actually works (i.e. no rendering glitches, at least no more than usual 😂 ), and b) it improves performance.

I hear Sway has a new default terminal emulator.

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