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Le concept est assez intéressant: tu héberge ton propre microblog et tu est comme par magie sur la Fédiverse...

#ActivityPub #Fediverse

go-fed supports two kinds of #ActivityPub golang users: Those that want the library to do as much in the spec as possible (with options to override behavior), or those that want a near-completely custom solution.

Here's two diagrams for how go-fed can fit into your #golang project:
1) Mainly provide callbacks to support the AP logic particular to your app.
2) Implement the DelegateActor interface and do everything yourself.

Doing number 1 doesn't prevent switching to number 2 later.

In littr.me (federated link aggregator) I'm exposing an item's karma in a custom property called "score"[0].
I'm thinking of changing it to the "upvoteCount" and "downvoteCount" pair[1], so any clients can do their own scores based on those, instead of relying on the ones reported by the instance. These would reflect strictly the "Like"/"Dislike" activities count said item received.
[0] littr.me/ns#score
[1] schema.org/upvoteCount
[1] schema.org/downvoteCount

IMO, extensions to #ActivityPub should as a convention:
1) Define a conventional alias for the `@context`
2) Actually host a definition of their extension at the IRI value for their alias

That's it.

This preserves the intersection of the linked data world with the world of "just give me JSON". Linked data users can complain about how little of the linked data features are being used. The other side can complain when conventions are broken.

Nobody's happy but everything just works.

To answer my own question: probably it's not a good idea, as all the Objects which contain references to the orignial ID would point to an invalid IRI.

devs I have a question. Would a Tombstone object's ID neccessarily be the same of the Object that was deleted? (The spec makes no clarification about this.)

Released wl-clipboard-rs v0.2, which uses an updated data-control protocol (now "officially" merged into wlr-protocols) and includes wl-clip, a Wayland version of xclip (should be a drop-in replacement)

@sir sorry to be the bearer of bad news, dispatch.sr.ht seems down. :(

I did it!!!!

TL;DR: I have ported #Wayland to #Darwin and written my own Wayland compositor using Cocoa 😎


Now that the API is a bit more stabilized, I'm starting to write some tests for littr.me.

When the heck were #golang subtests added. I feel like an ancient piece of machinery for not having realized my table tests were totally obsolete. They're a really cool addition to the standard testing library.

~/play/littr.go master $ git diff --stat --summary (git log --after '2019-02-14 00:00:00' --format='%h' | tail -n1)

14 files changed, 766 insertions(+), 308 deletions(-)

Busy day.

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