Going back into the rote of listening to Dead can Dance as soon as the weather turns moody and there's nobody else to distract me.

An all time favourite of mine is The Chant of the Paladin form The Serpent's Egg. I think I listened to it the first time around 15 years ago, and I'm pretty sure it forms the basis of my preference for textured, minimalist music.

Dead can Dance - The Chant of the Paladin

Since winter is coming in the Northern hemisphere and I was worried about my cycling schedule which will probably start slipping, I ended up buying a roller trainer.

I can only hope that being at home it's somehow going to be less boring than on a gym spinning machine.

@sir @emersion or the problem could be something else completely. :(

@sir @emersion any changes to wlroots that it now it requires a specific version of egl-wayland libs?

In the meson file there's no version specified for it but building it against egl-wayland-1.1.4 fails with undefined errors. Eg:

> ../render/egl.c:275:3: error: called object ‘eglUnbindWaylandDisplayWL’ is not a function or function pointer

I've been watching people playing Noita on twitch, and it's amazing what they managed to do with the game. If they bring it to linux, I'm going to buy it for sure.

This is now live. Go forth and send patches! Use ~sircmpwn/public-inbox@lists.sr.ht if you're unsure of where to post test patches when playing with the feature.

Update on the generic service: I implemented Undo logic for Like/Dislike activities.

Based on it I updated 's Like/Dislike actions to conform to the activitypub spec for the cases where a previous one exists: first it Undos the existing one, and then performs the new one.

It's the second week in a row when I'm falling asleep half way through Handmade Hero.

Damn you Casey and your soothing voice!!

@ihabunek taking a look by myself, seems doable with the caveat that some functionality is not as easy as in mastodon. :D

@ihabunek does Toot have a good separation between UI and the Mastodon API? Do you think it can be used as a base for implementing a "generic"* client ?

* generic is in quotes because there's no real implementation (that I know of) of an ActivityPub service that supports C2S interactions

Dun'no how I got to the playlist of My own wolf - A new approach to Ulver, but I ended up listening Eitttlane on repeat.

Aidan Baker - Eitttlane: youtube.com/watch?v=4-PkxpON0H

I realize now that it's another good candidate for the .

First day at work today, but I managed to do some work on . More exactly the JSON encoding of natural language values[1] in the activitystreams vocab package, which was bugged.

This shows how it's more important for unit-tests should check for invalid input rather than valid. :D

[1] w3.org/TR/activitystreams-core

So, I was lying earlier today when saying I was AFK past weeks. I did get a chance to watch some netflix and stumbled upon the beautiful mess that is "Sound&Fury".

It played tricks on my memory because it looks and sounds so much like old MTV after midnight content that I was sure I've seen it before.

Yet it's Sturgill Simpson's brand new, alt-country, americana in a neony, kitchy imported visual package album.

Sturgill Simpson - Sing Along: youtube.com/watch?v=SpSMoBp8aw

Hey local timeline, any good releases past month? I've been AFK and need something to listen to. :D

More work on the generic parts of for today: I fixed the processing of Like/Dislike activities when checking if one exists.

ie. Can't effect any of them if one of them already exists for current actor/object pair - I think this is not exactly up to spec (where they allow Like and Dislike at the same time), but it seems more sensible, and simpler to implement, to me.

Fixed authorize flow too, as it was suffering from the same issue. :D

Finally home, doing some work on . Today finishing the OAuth2 password flow login from trusted clients.

Getting a bit stumped on how Undo activities should work in . Delete the old activity? Delete its side effects? Don't do anything and leave the client to decide what the undo means?

Is an Undo a stronger Delete that leaves no traces behind?


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