One of my favourites soundtracks from last year: The Return of Obra Dinn, is now on Spotify.

#BirdsiteLIVE 0.16.0 is out! 🙂
It adds the capability to set some particular twitter accounts in order to make them publish their status in Unlisted mode instead of Followers-Only mode.
(a functionality often requested)

Please limit those selected accounts to public brands and other public figures.

The documentation is up to date to help you set those accounts on your instance. 😉

#activitypub #twitter

Finally released Pixel Wheels 0.19.0. This is the first version with music. Hope you like it!

#gamedev #pixelart

📣 New year, new blog post: I fell into the rabbit hole that is monochrome image dithering. I wrote down everything I learned! 👨‍🎓

(… and wrote a small demo that dithers an image with all these different dithering algorithms.)


#BirdsiteLIVE 0.15.0 is finally out! 😄 🎉
It brings whitelisting and blacklisting of Fediverse users, instances and twitter users. So that you can limit your own instance to yourself, your friends, your community, etc.

It's the biggest update so far and I started working on it 20 days ago. 🙂

The documentation is up to date so that you can see how to apply those filters:

#ActivityPub #Twitter #Fediverse

Status update, February 2021

A little late, because I've been drowned in more urgent work.

Reminder that @kde is gorgeous

And their #Wayland backend is now finally working for me, too!

The next minor release of #BirdsiteLIVE will feature whitelisting and blacklisting capabilities, and will also display the saturation state of the instance, it will be the biggest update so far. 🙂

Aggregated again some details about what I've been doing in the -ap project and it's test applications: , the generic service, and , the brutal link aggregator and discussion platform.

Mostly I've been working on creating a sqlite storage for ActivityPub documents. It's not done yet, but the end is in sight.

#BirdsiteLIVE 0.14.5 is out with some more resiliency in the synchronization pipeline. 😄

When you've written a FEP at night and went to sleep in the morning...

Decentralisation only works if things are small and nimble. If the setup instructions can be followed, if the number of dependencies is small, if there are few interacting piece and services.

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#SocialCG meeting tomorrow, Saturday 6th at 1500 UTC.

We are focusing on DEMOS! With the theme of diverse clients and #ActivityPub generic servers.

So if you have done any work with ActivityPub C2S and you'd like to show it - even half baked - please do join. And if you want to learn more about this approach, this meeting is for you too.

I'm not sure if there's anyone out there that listened to H. Jon Benjamin's first album, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. As a non-musician I can only aspire to be that.

H. Jon Benjamin - I can't Play Piano, Pt. 1


I like the term "Fediverse", because it's a portmanteau of "federation", "universe" and "diverse", and I think that describes it quite accurately ☺️

Feeling a bit nostalgic and dove into the oldie metal ballads, Blind Guardian - Nightfall.

#BirdsiteLIVE 0.12.2 is out, mostly a lot of bug fixes and optimizations.
One of them could block the synchronization pipeline, and some has been fixed "just in case" (thread safety, etc). 😉

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