The more I read from Russel Hoban's Ridley Walker and get accustomed with its dialect the more I am surprised I never heard of this story until now.

It's one of the best post-apocalyptic worlds I've ever been immersed in.

First item was done, the boltdb storage now supports more advanced filtering.

If anyone wants to try this out, add `shell: true` to your build manifests. Once your tasks complete, you can log into the build VM over SSH. Simplest build manifest which does this is:

image: alpine/edge
shell: true

But you could also do things like adding a bunch of useful packages, cloning your dotfiles, etc, through the usual means.

Hmmm, is almost ready for providing the C2S backend for . There are still(only?) three features that need to be implemented:

* more robust search by object properties in outbox/inbox collections.

* OAuth2 password flow support.

* bring the postgres repository up to date to the boldtb one.

Join me tomorrow at 09:30 CEST in my live-streamed presentation and deep-dive "HTTP/3 in curl". More and deeper - with room for your questions.

OAuth2 authorization is up and running on , the generic service. Whew that was a ride.

Now I need to plug an authentication mechanism in there.

Made a little thing:

wev, or Wayland event viewer, analogous to X11's xev

devs, do you have at hand any good resources on passwordless logins on the web? Thank you.

After about a month of doing other projects, since a couple of days I'm full gas on the generic service. Before the commercial break we were working on OAuth2 integration for C2S.

Today I'm closer to finishing as I only need to plug in an (as of yet non existent) authorization layer that integrates with the current Actor objects.

a little bit of experimental music: NEU! - Super 16

I think this song was a pretty big influence for Kozilek when working on the Luftrausers' OST.

Switching back to working on , it's been too long.

As always, I bumped into a difficult to solve bug on mpris-scrobbler and left it for another time.

n e e d b e t t e r d i s c i p l i n e

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