@kromonos hi! a nsa.li xmpp user can't send me any file. He's using ChatSecure. Did we miss anything? He does receive my files (I use my own server).

@ilpianista Thanks for contacting me. I've tested a bit around and found some proxy errors. I'll message you, when I fixed the message. My bad, that I only have weekends most time to fix, but I'll do my best to fix it before.


@ilpianista I'm still working on it, but ran into problems with let's encrypt SSL. Don't know why doesn't accept 2 certificates for 2 vhosts.

I don't know your setup, but in mine I only have one VirtualHost entry and the "certificate auto discovery thing" is doing the magic.

@ilpianista for one Domain it's working perfect. But it looks like he use the wrong proxy for the second virtualhost 😕

@ilpianista Sorry for the long wait, but file upload should now work again. Thank you for your patience.

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