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Finally finishing the new Login UX/UI for FluffyChat. This includes a new list of homeservers to pick which is loaded from stays as the default in the textfield for now until we found a solution how to make the user enter the same homeserver in it on a relogin situation without f*cking him up... 😄

Ich suche einen neuen Job. Am liebsten 100% Remote und am liebsten mit Linux und OpenSource Software. Ich bin Linux, macOS und Windows-Administrator sowie Webentwickler (PHP, VueJS, HTML). Ich habe 15 Jahre Berufserfahrung in Hybriden Netzwerken. Würde mich freuen, wenn sich jemand meldet.

#linux #job #beruf #opensource #administrator

Flutter-connector 4.0.0 has just been released !

This version simplifies the integration of the library. >

If you have any question, come to our matrix room : !


🗞️ TWIM is out!

Multi-account support in Syphon, bubbles in SchildiChat, SSO in 's Fractal Next, video calls in FluffyChat…

Matrix clients are blooming, and you can read about it in the latest issue of This Week in Matrix!


Eine befreundete Autorin braucht Hilfe, bei der Auswahl ihres nächsten Buchcovers. Hier kann man bei der Umfrage mitmachen:

Does anyone knows an open source android keyboard with Japanese input like in Gboard?

1.3.0 is out now with a lot of bugfixes and new features including improved stories, an in-app emoji keyboard, pinned messages and (very) experimental video calls on Android, iOS and web. Have fun trying it out but don't expect too much yet as ringtones are not yet implemented and your app may crash when being called.

Today I have played 3 hours with my pen&paper group over a native video call. The connection was super stable all the time. It will be coming as a opt-in experimental feature in the next release 🤗

The new emoji keyboard works fine even on desktop. Big thanks to Lanna for implementing it

Jetzt mache ich mir selbst effektiv Druck, dass ich Videoanrufe in einbauen muss, bevor mein neues Buch erscheint

Some sketch about a new onboarding UX with no fixed homeserver anymore

Sorry that I wasn't able to participate in the Fosdem or send some updates to TWIM. I have a lot of stress in the moment and try to focus less on coding and more on my new Light Novel.

FluffyChat 1.2.0 got blocked on the PlayStore. Argh... let me see if this is fixable...

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