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Mein neuer Science-Fiction Roman Black Eye Nation wurde heute veröffentlicht:

Und als E-Book:

In wenigen Tagen außerdem in allen gängigen Buch und E-Book Online-Shops und per ISBN bestellbar in jedem Buchladen.

Exciting spec changes, exciting releases for clients, QA and lots of testing, a conference held on Matrix... there has been a lot again #ThisWeekInMatrix!

I'm currently working on bringing my new app to the app stores (PlayStore, AppStore and F-Droid). Some first screenshos are ready to go :-)

0.41.0 has been released

This release features a lot of bug fixes and the new multi account feature which also include account bundles.

- feat: Multiple accounts
- feat: New splash screen
- fix: Password reset
- fix: Dark text in cupertinodialogs
- fix: Voice messages on iOS
- fix: Emote settings
- chore: update flutter_matrix_html, Matrix Dart SDK and other libraries
- chore: Update to Flutter 2.5.1
- chore: Updated translations

Mein neuer Science-Fiction heißt Black Eye Nation und wird in etwa zwei Wochen als E-Book und Print über den Verlag Epubli verfügbar sein.

Natürlich wieder mit viel product placements von Open Source Projekten, allen voran ! 😇



Finally!! We have landed the spaces to Cinny. You can navigate nesting of spaces and pin the one you like to sidebar.

Check them at Release: #cinnyapp #client #reactjs


⚠️ IMPORTANT: Users of Element Desktop/Web/Android, FluffyChat & Nheko should upgrade immediately to address a critical encryption vulnerability.

We are not aware of this being exploited in the wild yet, but as the bug is now disclosed please upgrade now.

Please update your #matrix clients:

If you are using versions from, I recommend to switch to a different one, at least until they catch up with building the fixed versions (it's unclear how long that will take. Might be one or multiple days).

An updated version of #Schildichat can instead be installed from the author's #FDroid repo here:

Updated (FOSS) versions of #ElementAndroid are currently not yet available.

Pre-disclosure: we are planning a coordinated security release of several Matrix clients starting ~1pm UK (UTC+1) Monday Sept 13th to address a critical vuln. We have no evidence of it being exploited in the wild, but please be sure to upgrade on Mon!

Liebe und User,

nach den Speicherproblemen von neulich habe ich heute einen Ersatz-RAID-Controller und eine neue Battery Backup Unit für den betroffenen Server bestellt.

Da die Kosten von 94,88 € etwas schmerzen, würde ich euch gerne um etwas finanziellen Support bitten.
Falls ihr mit den beiden Services zufrieden seid und mithelfen wollt, die Infrastruktur am Laufen zu halten, würde ich mich über eine "Spende" freuen:

Vielen Dank! :)

Oh come on...? Maybe because of the video upload? Or is it just not allowed to develop new social media apps and show them on ? I never was very active there and have just cross posted my Mastodon toots to it anyway.

@thomas hast du das so eingestellt, dass man Videos nicht im Hochkant-Format uploaden kann oder ist das normal bei Mastodon-Servern? 🤔

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My new is taking shape. Aaaaaand btw this video is uploaded by FluffyPix :-D

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