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The German word "Absätze" means
- sales
- heels
The German word "Wirtschaft" means
- pub
- economy

So, someone saying "Hohe Absätze sorgen für gute Laune in der Wirtschaft" means that high sales figures lift the markets' mood - or he is a sexist barfly.

Enjoy our language!


Fantastisch! Frankreich nutzt einen Matrix-Fork als sicheren, dezentralen Open-Source "Staats-Messenger" statt WhatsApp! Wir brauchen so etwas auch!

Lieber Herr Kelber, (@ulrichkelber) damit Sie von Ihrem ersten Tag auf Mastodon etwas mitnehmen können: Das wünsche ich mir für unsere Behörden in Deutschland. Einen offenen, sicheren, datenschutzfreundlichen Open-Source-Messenger. Von Behörden <-> Behörde und von Bürger*in <-> Behörde.


@kuketzblog Danke dafür!

What's new in FluffyChat 10 ?
+ New public chat discover page
+ Chats with unread messages are marked (event when notifications off)
+ Scroll top to the last read message by default
+ Better UX when starting a new chat
+ A lot of bug fixes and stability improvements

@matrix @Ubports

FluffyChat 10 is almost ready. There are a lot of new translations available. If you would like to help, check out FluffyChat on Weblate:

I'm still impressed... The first episode of Star Trek Discovery Season 2 was so awesome!!

Weiß jemand um welche Uhrzeit morgen erscheint? Bei Staffel 1 war es immer ab 9 Uhr morgens

Installing the Mautrix Telegram Bridge on the Server so we can soon bridge ALL @Ubports groups to @matrix using our own server! :)

"Meow, my name is Fluffy. I like men with beards, , and sleeping all the day."

Ubuntu Touch matrix app #FluffyChat is now listed on the official Matrix app list also
This is well deserved recognition of the great work put in by Christian Pauly aka Krille

#UBports #UbuntuTouch #AppDev #OpenStore #Matrix

New FluffyChat bugfix update is in the openstore!

Please close the app BEFORE upgrading!

Ubuntu Touch OTA-7 is out!

Stay up-to-date with new keyboard themes, lots of improvements to Morph Browser, and as always more stability improvements! Find out more at

#UBports #UbuntuTouch #Ubuntu #OTA7

FluffyChat 9.0 is here. 🤗 With some design improvements, new greeter and lazy loading.

I want to say THANK YOU to my new Patrons and supporters on Liberapay! 🙂

Why is so cool?

1. You can use your apps in window mode 😂

Actually useful for developers who want to test their apps for smaller screens.


AUCH DU !!!!
Über 10.000 Menschen in Deutschland haben keine Möglichkeiten, Deine Nachrichten zu lesen.

@favstarmafia Bei der Gelegenheit empfehle ich für #ubuntutouch user @UBports die topaktuelle #fluffychat app von @krille (yeeaahh✌️ ) für #matrix "There is no better app at the universe then #fluffychat app" 👈 🤩 👍

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