Hey guys. 👍

Some of you might already know my note taking app Jotit for Ubuntu Touch. Now there has been a major update: You can now sync your notes with the Nextcloud Notes app.

Learn more at: ko-fi.com/Blog/Post/Jotit-Clou

Ubuntu Touch on the Sony Xperia X. The newest UBports port. Big thanks to Alfred 🤗

Is it ready for daily use? I'll use it as my daily driver for the next days and report. So far the device is very nice.


🙄: "R.I.P. Antergos. Nun bist du zusammen mit Manjaro auf dem Friedhof der Arch-Distributionen."
🤨 : "Häh? Manjaro wird doch noch weiterentwickelt."
🙄: "Jeder weiß doch, dass Manjaro gescheitert ist."
🤨 : "Wieso? Die Nutzerzahlen gehen nach oben und die Entwicklung läuft prima weiter."
🙄 : "Traurig, Manjaro konnte sich einfach nicht behaupten ... Es ist eindeutig tot!"
🤨 : "Äh ...
Öhm ...
Achso ...
Gut ich höre auf zu verbreiten, Ubuntu Touch wäre tot."

Windows Phone is dead! Its a proprietary OS so Microsoft can just kill it. Firefox OS isn't. It is still alive in because it's open source. is open source too that's why it is still maintained by the community. New features, new apps, bugfixes and improvements every week. Looking forward the new hardware from Pine64 and Purism.

My journy how I've got Ubuntu Touch backups working with TWRP. Sorry for my bad english grammar... 😅


What's new in FluffyChat 11.11
New translations - thanks to all translators

What's new in FluffyChat 11.10
Improved performance on app start
- Fixed two design bugs

What's new in FluffyChat 11.9
New translations - thanks to all translators
- Minor bug fixes

What's new in FluffyChat 11.8
Updated translations
Better contacts view
- Set a maximum height for the text area
- Other minor bug fixes

A big Thank you very much to all translators! With your help, FluffyChat is available in 12 different languages. That's awesome! 🙂 You rock!

If you are speaking another language and want to help them, check out: hosted.weblate.org/projects/fl

Use Gitlab CI with clickable

In the last couple of days I have played around with Gitlab CI. This tool is very useful in combination with Ubuntu Touch app development and clickable.


What's new in FluffyChat 11.2
+ Fixed forwarding of text messages
+ Updated translations - Thanks to all translators
+ New desktop mode
+ Minor design bug fixes

Update from the Open Store or the Snap Store.

@ubports @matrix

There is now an experimental version of FluffyChat for desktop Linux available.
Thanks to @TimSueberkrueb for packaging. 💪

Which distros?
All distros thanks to

Wanna test it?
Join :matrix.org to chat with us about the desktop release.

How to install it?
snap install fluffychat --edge


If you have some time and speak more than one language, you can help with the translations on FluffyChat: hosted.weblate.org/projects/fl


What's going on here? So much updates, new features and new translations on the @ubports core apps and new apps in the OpenStore.

FluffyChat 11 is in the OpenStore:
With improved stability and performance, new translations, design changes, better tablet support and a lot of bug fixes.

@ubports @matrix

Ubuntu Touch 2000 and beyond.


To all who have said:
"Ubuntu Touch is dead."
I can now forward from Wayneoutthere:
"Told you so 😝! Told you so 😝!"


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