Eine eigene , einen privaten Server und zwei Mini-Dienste und all das läuft auf meinem Raspberry Pi 4B mit 4GB Ram zufriedenstellend schnell. Mit DynDns aus dem Internet erreichbar. Da brauche ich gar keinen Hosting-Anbieter 😄

Inzwischen bridge ich als daily driver über mein Konto:
- WhatsApp
- Telegram

Wer mag mich überbieten? 😄

Version 0.14.0 is out now and this is new:
- Implement image viewer
- Implement room pills
- New chat appBar showing presences and room avatars
- Implement well-known support
- Minor fixes, refactoring and performance improvements

F-Droid is already published here: christianpauly.gitlab.io/fluff

PlayStore and TestFlight will follow in the next days.

FluffyChat 0.13.1 is out with:

- New status feature
- HTML rendering of messages
- Markdown support
- Enhanced chat list design
- New translations (Polish, Hungarian)
- Lots of minor fixes and refactoring

FluffyChat 0.10.0 is in F-Droid with a lot of fixes, file encryption and voice messages.

I have pushed a new update to the fdroid repository of FluffyChat with end-to-end encryption for messages (not files yet, will follow later). It is still beta and has some bugs but it seems to work quiet stable yet.

What's going on in FluffyChat and Flutter? A new blog post from Krille about the current development of FluffyChat.


@MTRNord and me are working on FluffyChat for Android and iOS based on Flutter. You can already check it out if you like. :-)
Install using F-Droid: mtrnord.gitlab.io/fluffychat-f
More infos here: ko-fi.com/post/FluffyChat-for-

Chat with us at: :matrix.org

Decentralized accounts in . THAT sounds awesome... Lopking forward to see this in action

A homeserver as an app with a webclient integrated would be great. Is this possible and is someone working on this? Nextcloud Talk isn't bad but I prefer matrix 😇

Currently working with @MTRNord and @jcgruenhage on the new client famedly talk. A messenger for the german healthcare sector. 🚑

What's new in FluffyChat 11.11
New translations - thanks to all translators

What's new in FluffyChat 11.10
Improved performance on app start
- Fixed two design bugs

What's new in FluffyChat 11.9
New translations - thanks to all translators
- Minor bug fixes

What's new in FluffyChat 11.8
Updated translations
Better contacts view
- Set a maximum height for the text area
- Other minor bug fixes

A big Thank you very much to all translators! With your help, FluffyChat is available in 12 different languages. That's awesome! 🙂 You rock!

If you are speaking another language and want to help them, check out: hosted.weblate.org/projects/fl

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