1.3.0 is out now with a lot of bugfixes and new features including improved stories, an in-app emoji keyboard, pinned messages and (very) experimental video calls on Android, iOS and web. Have fun trying it out but don't expect too much yet as ringtones are not yet implemented and your app may crash when being called.

The new emoji keyboard works fine even on desktop. Big thanks to Lanna for implementing it

Some sketch about a new onboarding UX with no fixed homeserver anymore

1.2.0 is out now featuring stories and a lot of bugfixes and minor improvements of the voice messages and video player:


I did it! I finally deleted WhatsApp! And I needed only 5 other messaging apps to reach all my friends from now on... At least I can bridge one of them to and another one maybe as well in the future

How to use Push Notifications in without Google Service and Firebase Cloud Messaging. This is now possible with just installing the UP-gotify app and without self-hosting anything!

Thanks to @unifiedpush who made this possible!


0.42.0 has been released

This release fixes several bugs and makes E2EE enabled by default.

- feat: Enable E2EE by default for new rooms
- feat: New design for bootstrap and verification
- feat: More finetuning for font sizes
- chore: Updated translations (Thanks to all translators!)

Did you know that you can start a new chat in by scanning the QR code of your friend?

This will be interoperable with in the next version. Means you can scan the Element QR code with FluffyChat and vice versa and it just works! 🙂

I just loooooooove and open standards! ❤️ 💕 💖 💞

@room Im Raum C120 auf der geht es heute ganz viel um . Um 16:40 Uhr halte ich einen Vortrag über FluffyChat in deutsch. Die anderen Vorträge sind auch empfehlenswert. :-) Die Links zu den Räumen findet ihr hier: live.froscon.de/event

FluffyChat v0.35.0 has been released. 🚀

This release introduces stickers and a lot of minor bug fixes and improvements.

Learn more on: fluffychat.im/

matrix.org seems to be down or at least have some problems. I can't reach my parents anymore. But at least I can still chat with my wife who is on my personal server on my Raspberry Pi :)

Decentralization is just cool <3


@room (<- This is funny because it only works in )

0.31.0 is out now with a lot of bugfixes, sharing on iOS, minor design improvements and a lot of refactoring under the hood. Learn more in the release notes:


Wow!! Doch so viele?? Willst du auch einer von NaN gleichzeitig aktive Zuschauer sein? 😄

Heute Abend um 20 Uhr lese ich aus meinem Science Fiction Roman Dark Sky Nation, wo nach einer Naturkatastrophe Deutschland vom Rest der Welt abgeschnitten wurde und und die einzigen sozialen Netze sind, die noch funktionieren!

Live auf Twitch: twitch.tv/krillegeschichten und ich schau mal, ob ich ab nächster Woche gleichzeitig auch auf streamen kann.

Heute geht es weiter mit meiner Streaming-Reihe über Tabea und die Kinder der Nacht. 🤗 Wer Lust auf eine Mystery-Story über Angststörungen in der Corona-Zeit hat, in einer Welt, wo es kein WhatsApp/Facebook gibt und alle Menschen und Mastodon benutzen 😁 (Hey, ich darf als Autor schreiben was ich will), kann um 20 Uhr gerne vorbeischauen auf twitch.tv/krillegeschichten

Ich freue mich schon auf die Spaces. Natürlich werden Spaces in ordentlich übersetzt. Auf den Buttons steht dann:
"Weltall erstellen"
"Weltall löschen"
"Kind-Weltalle bearbeiten"
"Eltern-Weltall konfigurieren"

0.26.1 has been released today with updated translations, support for Unified Push (github.com/UnifiedPush/) and some bug fixes. The Linux Desktop version is fully functional again and the app is much more stable than ever now. We are working hard to bring FluffyChat to the official iOS AppStore next week! :-)

The new 3-column layout of the desktop version of looks sooo nice. 🤗

0.25.0 is out with a lot of bug fixes, improvements, minor design tweaks and a new 3 column layout. iOS will skip this release until we can bring it to the AppStore next week or so

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