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FluffyChat 0.13.1 is out with:

- New status feature
- HTML rendering of messages
- Markdown support
- Enhanced chat list design
- New translations (Polish, Hungarian)
- Lots of minor fixes and refactoring

for iOS is in TestFlight. You can find the public link on the website:


FluffyChat 0.10.0 is in F-Droid with a lot of fixes, file encryption and voice messages.

Hey, voice messages are coming to FluffyChat. Working on Android and iOS.


What's going on in FluffyChat and Flutter? A new blog post from Krille about the current development of FluffyChat.

Wanna try in the browser? Most of the features are already working fine.

Just try it with your account:

@MTRNord and me are working on FluffyChat for Android and iOS based on Flutter. You can already check it out if you like. :-)
Install using F-Droid:
More infos here:

Chat with us at:

There is now an experimental version of FluffyChat for desktop Linux available.
Thanks to @TimSueberkrueb for packaging. 💪

Which distros?
All distros thanks to

Wanna test it?
Join to chat with us about the desktop release.

How to install it?
snap install fluffychat --edge


If you are still running <= 0.6, then you need to upgrade to 7.0 to be able to get push notifications 🔔

Just click here:

If you see someone who still uses 0.6, then please tickle him/her until he/she upgrades voluntary 😜

The first stable release of the messenger is out now. 😀 Get it from:

Thanks to all who have helped me. Thanks to regionetz for hosting the homeserver, thanks to @matrix for the awesome work, thanks to @Ubports for this awesome platform and to fabiyamada, advocatux, wayneoutthere, lionelb, Diogo, mithgarthsormr, mark, and all the awesome people from the community!!

With your help, Ubuntu Touch is still alive and has got a new stable messenger!

I've got an anonymous donation with information about how to implement video chat in . Thank you very much for the support. I will give my best to make it possible. :-)

0.6.0 for is out now. The last release before the first stable release!

0.6.0 has a lot of new features like:
-User profiles
-Login with phone number
-Find friends with their phone number
-Edit chat aliases, permissions, members

Please report all bugs at:

Thanks to all translators, Advocatux, Fabiyamada and Norbert.

Aaaaaaand have fun chatting your friends in the universe! =) <3 :-*


Version 0.5.0 of is out now! 🖖
New Features:
* Search chats
* Chat avatars
* Search users in chats
* Display highlighted notifications
* Security & Privacy settings:
1. Disable typing notifications
2. Auto-accept invitations
* New message status:
1. Sending: Activity indicator
2. Sent: Little cloud
3. Received: Tick
4. Seen by someone: Usericon
* Display stickers

For more see:


@Ubports hat es geschafft Ubuntu 16.04 auf allen Ubuntu Phones zum laufen zu bringen! Vielen Dank an alle Beteiligten. Ihr habt grandiose Arbeit geleistet! 🤗

Wir sollten uns klar sein, dass Canonical das nicht geschafft hat und teilweise für unmöglich befunden hatte. 😮 😲

fluffychat werde ich sofort nach meiner letzten Klausur am Samstag für 16.04 anpassen. Bis dahin läuft die Version für 15.04 ohne größere Probleme weiter auch auf OTA-4.

Sticker proposals for from Malin Errenst.
She also sales nice hair accessories on her website:

FluffyChat is a messenger for with a focus on a fluffy and pink/purple design and a good user experience. You can join our group chat at 😊

0.4.0 is out now with a new logo and image/file transfer. 🐧

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