1.3.0 is out now with a lot of bugfixes and new features including improved stories, an in-app emoji keyboard, pinned messages and (very) experimental video calls on Android, iOS and web. Have fun trying it out but don't expect too much yet as ringtones are not yet implemented and your app may crash when being called.

Today I have played 3 hours with my pen&paper group over a native video call. The connection was super stable all the time. It will be coming as a opt-in experimental feature in the next release 🤗

The new emoji keyboard works fine even on desktop. Big thanks to Lanna for implementing it

Jetzt mache ich mir selbst effektiv Druck, dass ich Videoanrufe in einbauen muss, bevor mein neues Buch erscheint

Some sketch about a new onboarding UX with no fixed homeserver anymore

1.2.0 is out now featuring stories and a lot of bugfixes and minor improvements of the voice messages and video player:


1.0.0 has been released featuring a new design, a lot of bug fixes, better performance, a theme switcher, end to end encryption by default, better spaces support and much much more!

❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️


How to use Push Notifications in without Google Service and Firebase Cloud Messaging. This is now possible with just installing the UP-gotify app and without self-hosting anything!

Thanks to @unifiedpush who made this possible!


0.42.0 has been released

This release fixes several bugs and makes E2EE enabled by default.

- feat: Enable E2EE by default for new rooms
- feat: New design for bootstrap and verification
- feat: More finetuning for font sizes
- chore: Updated translations (Thanks to all translators!)

0.41.0 has been released

This release features a lot of bug fixes and the new multi account feature which also include account bundles.

- feat: Multiple accounts
- feat: New splash screen
- fix: Password reset
- fix: Dark text in cupertinodialogs
- fix: Voice messages on iOS
- fix: Emote settings
- chore: update flutter_matrix_html, Matrix Dart SDK and other libraries
- chore: Update to Flutter 2.5.1
- chore: Updated translations

Did you know that you can start a new chat in by scanning the QR code of your friend?

This will be interoperable with in the next version. Means you can scan the Element QR code with FluffyChat and vice versa and it just works! 🙂

I just loooooooove and open standards! ❤️ 💕 💖 💞

FluffyChat v0.35.0 has been released. 🚀

This release introduces stickers and a lot of minor bug fixes and improvements.

Learn more on: fluffychat.im/

@room (<- This is funny because it only works in )

0.31.0 is out now with a lot of bugfixes, sharing on iOS, minor design improvements and a lot of refactoring under the hood. Learn more in the release notes:


Thanks to @shine should no longer show a grey screen on Linux arm64 devices.

0.30.0 has been released today 🎉🎉🎉 with a big refactoring under the hood, a lot of bug fixes, better room alias management, minor design improvements, Linux desktop notifications aaaaaaaand Linux arm64 support. 🐧

In theory it should run on or but I have no device to test it. Anyone here who wants to try and send me screenshots? 🙂


"Heute gibt’s ja wieder einen impft Gipfel, vielleicht entscheiden die heute mal richtig
Zum Beispiel die zweite Dosis nicht zurücklegen sondern eine Dosensuppe impfen"

Meine Mama testet in die Sprach-zu-Text-Funktion 😂😂😂

A very big big thank you to instagram.com/ruucosplay/ to allow me to draw her cosplay photos.

Ah and 0.27.0 is out now. I should stop mixing my toots I know, but I'm lazy

Die Hauptfigur aus meinem Roman.

Wenn man versucht, mit ~30 von Nichts auf jetzt das Zeichnen zu lernen.

Falls ihr mir wegen folgt, müsst ihr das leider auch ertragen!

Ich freue mich schon auf die Spaces. Natürlich werden Spaces in ordentlich übersetzt. Auf den Buttons steht dann:
"Weltall erstellen"
"Weltall löschen"
"Kind-Weltalle bearbeiten"
"Eltern-Weltall konfigurieren"

Hey, I want to share something with you: Today my parents (70 and 65 years old) installed on their iPhones for the first time. They have never used Matrix before but they were able to register an account on matrix.org and start a chat with me by entering my mxid with no advice! My mother said it was easy like in Telegram. 😍

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