My new app "Fun With Kanji" is now in the release process for the open beta in the PlayStore. TestFlight, Snapcraft and F-Droid are also planned 🤗

Learn **all** Japanese characters you need with **Fun With Kanji**, including Hiragana, Katakana, 232 Radicals and 2136 Kanji.

Hmmm the sketch of this drawing has been made traditional with a pencil. I have the feeling that I can draw much more precise with a pencil.

In my company I have (maybe temporarily) switched to a new developer team and was asked to draw a logo for this team. They were warned...

I have already finished six pages of the first chapter. @jana_95x is helping me with the backgrounds 😍😍😍

/me builds a new TestFlight version. FluffyChat 1.4.0 will get it's first release candidate soon 😇

Finally finishing the new Login UX/UI for FluffyChat. This includes a new list of homeservers to pick which is loaded from stays as the default in the textfield for now until we found a solution how to make the user enter the same homeserver in it on a relogin situation without f*cking him up... 😄


🗞️ TWIM is out!

Multi-account support in Syphon, bubbles in SchildiChat, SSO in 's Fractal Next, video calls in FluffyChat…

Matrix clients are blooming, and you can read about it in the latest issue of This Week in Matrix!


The new emoji keyboard works fine even on desktop. Big thanks to Lanna for implementing it

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