Hah! I can now receive Push Notifications on FluffyChat over the FOSS implementation of Firebase Cloud Messaging from Unified Push.

That's sooooo fancy

@orionholmes And kills your battery and does not work on iOS, and does behave different on each Android distribution and can get killed at any time and is a totally bad idea for each app to run in background instead of relying on one push service, which just should be decentralized like UP 😜

@krille Yeah. It's drain some juice but it's used my many other applications like Signal, Element also and all people doesn't have server to use unified push.

@orionholmes There are multiple public servers you can use for UP. Polling in background on mobile is a bad idea by design, sorry...

@krille What's the difference between Fluffychat Fdroid repo and Fluffychats own repo??

@orionholmes Since when does Element iOS use a websocket? I haven't seen that when looking at their push implementation. They use the normal APNS + Notification Service Extension and maybe long polling when not using push, but that just doesn't send you notifications reliably and drains your battery (and is not using a websocket and gets woken up for non push events as well).

@deepbluev7 I was talking about Android variant. Sorry I should have mention that.

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