Stories in FluffyChat are soon ready to ship. They are based on an MSC and will be compatible with stories from MinesTRIX.

Many apps like WhatsApp and Instagram have this feature but FluffyChat will be the first app with fully end to end encrypted stories 💪

@krille personally not a huge fan of these, but cool to see them anyway! iirc, you were working on an MSC so that other matrix clients will be compatible, is that up yet?

This one. Its still a draft. Basically stories are just a room where only one person can send messages and a few people can follow them. The magic is just to show it in a nice GUI

@krille Do the Stories delete them self after some time?

Not yet. This needs an imementation of the self destructive events MSC first.

@krille Oh, no! :mastoflushed: I made a story and opened Element, and It's really just a normal room and I invited everyone. Quickest disinvites ever. None of them use Fluffychat they must be so confused. :mastojoy:

Inviting someone to a chat in a chat apo should not confuse anyone 😉

@krille Well they were confused :mastozany: because they can't write. I needed to explain them that Fluffychat got a new feature. Wow that's cool!
Will there be other Snapchat-like features in the future?
& Will FluffyChat have built-in voice and video-calls in the future? They're currently the only reason I still have Element installed

Voice and video calls are planned at least. To be honest... I have never used SnapChat so I have no idea yet, which other features could be useful for FluffyChat 😅 any suggestions? On Snapchat, you can take photos/videos with/without filters and send them to your friends. Your friends can watch your post one time by clicking on your chat. After that your post will get removed. It's the same with chat's, but you can store them for both participants by tapping on the text.
The special thing about Snapchat is that the camera has a dedicated tab and that you can send the "snap" to more than one person after editing

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