Hmm, I would like to have an Arch Linux based distro with OStree, all apps installed as flatpaks, flathub enabled by default, AUR in a toolbox available, automatic updates, btrfs, latest Gnome desktop.

This would be a super stable system you never have to care about with the newest apps and tools always available.

Any distro-creator out there who would like to do this? :-D

@krille pretty sure valve has you covered for the most part with #steamos 3.0

@gabmus @krille Except they use kde as the DE. Only a matter of time until a gnome spin gets made though ha

@krille steam os is doing this. But at that point why not just silver blue?

Silverblue is only for tech nerds. I could write a whole blog article why it does not work for normal users. I want something which I can recommend my non techy friends.

@krille I’m a bit confused as it seems what you listed above is silverblue but no aur. Silver blue (assuming your installing only flatpaks) is pretty easy for any user imo. I don’t think any immutable os will ever be as user friendly as a non immutable os but silver blue is pretty close.

it definetly isnt easy. I have tested Fedora Silverblue a long time and have found a lot of drawbacks:
- automatic os updates are not enabled by default -> Users just NEVER update so you have a very oldish system all the time
- Firefox cant play youtube videos. Installing codecs via terminal and 10 reboots is too complicated.
- Flathub isnt enabled by default. fedoras flatpak repo apps have much more bugs. enabling flathuv is too complicated for normal users.

that are only a few...

@krille For me, Firefox and YT are working. But your idea is really great

@krille btw im using silverblue as daily Driver

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