Client for the mastodon API which looks like Instagram 🤗

@krille Looks great, are you still waiting for a pixelfed api?

yes or to be more detailed: pixelfed uses the mastodon api so in theory fluffypix should work with it. but it is not bug-compatible

@krille Is this a Mastodon client? Was it made with accessibility in mind? Or, at least, written with native GUI stuff?

@devinprater It is written with native GUI stuff with Flutter. I guess accessability can still be improved

@krille Oh, would you like me to test it for accessibility? Or is that not much of a concern for this client?

Feel free to do so and open an issue with your results at

I will then give this the top priority

@krille is there a reason for the age restriction? I'm not going to send a photo of my passport to Google (or anywhere on the internet, actually) to verify my age.

hm its just to be safe. In theory there can be mastodon instances with nswf content used with FluffyPix.

@krille actually, even on, the federated stream contains nsfw content, unfortunately; so it's understandable in that respect.
Though even Twitter and Telegram are apparently now USK-18 restricted?
Something seems to have changed recently because I definitely wasn't prompted to verify my age before by sending photos of highly sensitive documents to Google.
Anyway, I'll test the APK for now then and hope for an F-Droid release 😊

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