Did you know that you can start a new chat in by scanning the QR code of your friend?

This will be interoperable with in the next version. Means you can scan the Element QR code with FluffyChat and vice versa and it just works! πŸ™‚

I just loooooooove and open standards! ❀️ πŸ’• πŸ’– πŸ’ž

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Cool! Nice work.

Next thing I wish for:
Log into #matrix Web client & connect my own mobile or desktop clients via QR code.

@krille It would be nice if Matrix actually were an open standard (it's nothing more than a published specification)

@waweic @krille How so? There's a transparent and public spec change process. I believe the majority of MSCs are submitted by the community.

@waweic I'm not sure if I would agree. Matrix has an open spec change process where everyone can participate. The Matrix Spec is maintained by a nonprofit foundation and it s widely used outside of the origin company New Vector already.

@krille I wouldn't call it a standard if it isn't governed by some kind of standards body. Also, the last time I looked, there was just one usable implementation of the Matrix protocol, which was the one by New Vector.

@waweic There are a lot of veeery usable client implementations: and also new server implementations, Bots, bridges and multiple push gateways.
What exactly could it make a standard for you? Does this need to be declared by some kind of centralized authority? I don't feel that this fits very good into the idea of decentralization...

@waweic By this I mean there shouldn't be a centralized authority which can say that something is NOT a standard and therefore must NOT be used by developers and users

@krille Yes, did you look into the sources of these "implementations"? Most of them are simply using the Matrix SDK. At the moment, there pretty much is a centralized authority, I would like to see something more decentralized. Also, in a protocol like this, i expect some kind of way to only implement a small part of the standard that is sufficient for my usecase and still be able to interoperate with other clients. Matrix lacks in this regard


There is no single "Matrix SDK" but there are multiple in Kotlin, Javascript, Swift, Python, C++, Rust and we (FluffyChat devs) have written our own in Dart. Most of the SDK's are coming from the community.

Matrix is very decentralized. The protocoll and the development.

And I can say from my own experience in Matrix it is waaaay more easy to implement such a minimal client with only small parts of the standard than for example in XMPP. Just implement only the features you need

@krille My experience differs in that regard, but my knowledge may be a bit dated, so that could have changed, which would be nice

@waweic @krille matrix is just a http api. Apart from login/register there isnt anything required. If you need end to end you obviously need the negotiation parts. But outside of that you can send anything you want as long as it is json πŸ€” I am honestly not seeing what you mean?

@waweic @krille

The Matrix Foundation is not a standards body? 😢

@waweic @krille Matrix is governed by the non-profit Foundation (, which is effectively a standards body. As Krille said, there are loads of entirely independent implementations these days of all of the APIs. You are running on information 4+ years old.

@matrix @waweic @krille i mean google and the w3c are the standards body of the web and that turned out to be a disaster.

@matrix @krille If that's actually the case, I will have another look into it

Fluffychat has become such amazing client over the past few mounths. I am almost able to fully ditch element now.

Will the the person be verified right away as well?

@KitKat No, not yet. But I'm currently thinking about how this could be made πŸ™‚

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