Hey, I am not sure and would like to have your opinion. Would a Mastodon Client in Flutter with the look&feel of Instagram be cool and useful or does it make no sense now, because an official Mastodon client is incoming?

You can download a prototype here:
Currently it just can log you in, see your timeline and post text.


@krille A flutter client for Pixelfed would be cool!

@fatboy This was my initially intend but pixelfed has no good API yet for this

@krille @fatboy - I've thought Pixelfed APIs are based on Mastodon v1 APIs. Here:
Though I have not tried them myself.

@kasra_mp @fatboy and this never worked well and now they are creating a new api for their new app and I dont find any documentation for it

@krille personally I prefer to see more toots on one screen. But I think it could be useful for art communities.

@krille i like this app already! Gotta make it look cute like fluffy chat 😋

@krille for me a photo/image centered client would be very useful.

@krille would this server better as a pixelfed client? perhaps implement those fancy stories it has !

@krille couldn't use it. I got to the login screen, where i was greeted with a message saying that i need to enable Js. But I don't know how.. maybe find the settings of my WebView app

@krille: ni idea de que votar yo uso Tusky en andriod, y hyper space en la pc

@krille Considering I have 3 timelines open most of the time (followed, federated and local) this wouldn't be a good idea for me.

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