FluffyChat 0.13.1 is out with:

- New status feature
- HTML rendering of messages
- Markdown support
- Enhanced chat list design
- New translations (Polish, Hungarian)
- Lots of minor fixes and refactoring


This is awesome news. Any more progress on the e2ee front? With all of the excitement this week around e2ee and cross signing with @matrix, I'd love to see it on fluffy! I'm ready to put the #pinephone into daily use 😻

@Clifford @matrix Hey the initial E2EE support in FluffyChat for Flutter is done and can be tested. In the Qml version we are using Pantalaimon soon

@Clifford @matrix But additional stuff like cross signing will need more time... but however you can verify all devices with the legacy way

@krille Ubuntu Touch needs to get flutter supports asap so I can enjoy these exciting updates!!
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