@MTRNord and me are working on FluffyChat for Android and iOS based on Flutter. You can already check it out if you like. :-)
Install using F-Droid:
More infos here:

Chat with us at:

@Krille Chritzelius hmm, makes one wonder if there is a chance for native Flutter apps on Ubuntu Touch as well.

As nice as qt is, currently the apps made with it are not even easy to port to SailfishOS or visa versa. And HTML apps without GPU acceleration are also not very enjoyable on UT.

I know the UT core developers are focussing on other stuff, but IMHO a good native cross-platform sdk like Flutter or at least an effort to modernize the Cordova support is really needed as well.

@povoq would be nice yes. Maybe when UT has full wayland support we can use Flutter for Linux desktop

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