@krille @ubports Yep, soon-ish. Might be a matter of days only, depending how busy i am (or if someone else makes it first). Already talked to the @AsteroidOS people, and they were pretty excited! You can already find a config for the LG G Watch R here: github.com/ubports/installer-c

Also: PR's welcome :)


@NeoTheThird @ubports @AsteroidOS That's awesome. I'm very impressed that it is possible to install other Operating Systems on mobile devices (inlcuding smartwatches (wow!)) with the UBports Installer 👌 Great job!!

@krille @ubports @AsteroidOS Thanks, i appreciate that :) I'm just a cog in the system, though, wouldn't be possible without the many other awesome people in open-source (you included!).

But Yeah, things in the installer are heating up, and i love it! Been dreaming of having an abundance of devices and operating systems in there for a while and now it's just around the corner. :)

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