I would like to know what is your favourite Gnome 3 setup?

Wow I thought that Dash2Panel would be way more popular. And I'm really surprised thatVanilla seems to win this ...


Thanks for the poll. My setup is actually Vanilla Gnome with 14 extensions. I still don't know why essential extensions are not per default included in Vanilla Gnome: DisplayButton, gTile, SuspendButton, WindowOverlayIcons.

When there is an update of Gnome, it is always sad to see that the extensions take months/forever to be compatible with the new Gnome version. Currently I am waiting for an update of ClipboardIndicator before I can update to Gnome 3.32.

Dash to panel is nice but doesnt look as pretty as dash to dock 😅

@krille I really like Dash2Panel. Makes me feel comfortable and familiar. And if anyone needs to use my computer doesn't get annoyed "because it looks different".

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