Windows Phone is dead! Its a proprietary OS so Microsoft can just kill it. Firefox OS isn't. It is still alive in because it's open source. is open source too that's why it is still maintained by the community. New features, new apps, bugfixes and improvements every week. Looking forward the new hardware from Pine64 and Purism.

@saper What I want to say is, KaiOS exists because Firefox os is open source.

@krille that's unfortunately the same. I still haven't managed to find all the bits and pieces to build #KaiOS from source. Currently only plain repackaging efforts exist like

Yesterday I installed Ubuntu Touch on my Nexus 5 and it was way to easy. I really like the UI and especially the terminal app. It is the first usable on a phone.

@clerie Haha, since a couple of days most of the Nexus 5 bugs are fixed and NOW you are switching? That's cheating! 😜

@krille Oh, I never noticed any new about this, but I'm happy to hear.
I'm trying it out regularly and it feels really finished for now, but it is not snappy enaught for me, to use it as a daily driver.

In contrast it is a high candidate when it comes to choose an OS for the #PinePhone, when it comes out.

@krille #UbuntuTouch, seriously? Last time I saw that train wreck, it was stuttering so hard when scrolling, the mobile phone almost fell out of my hand!

@krille Looks snappier than last time. I'll stay with #SailfishOS as my daily driver though. Is there a list of supported phones, so I could maybe play around with Ubuntu a bit?

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