My dream is to use only one foss and decentralized messenger for everything. With @matrix this seems possible now.
I'm currently chatting with people on:

and I'm using only FluffyChat. Not everything is working 100% fine and there is still a lot of work to do. That's why I'm still using Telegram on my phone too.

What I would like to have:
-WhatsApp bridge without the need of an extra device
-XMPP&Telegram direct chats
-SMS bridge

@krille :D bifrost should support XMPP DMs, both ways, both from MUCs and directly.

@matrix Cool I thought only MUC's are working yet. I need to test this, thank you :)

@krille @matrix Telegram direct Chats do work when using mautrix-bridge-telegram, so that shouldn't be a problem.

@krille @matrix Telegram direct chats work, but you need to be using a puppeting bridge (where you log into your tg account on the bridge and it acts as just another device connected to your tg account). I'm running it on my homeserver, as it (by necessity) has full access to all my tg messages.

The SMS bridge exists in the form of SMSMatrix, on fdroid. I've not used it, though.

@RAOF @matrix
Thanks :) puppeting bridges are a good thing for now but I hope they will become obsolet in the future.

I've also seen the SMSMatrix :) But thats only working on Android I guess?

@krille @matrix Telegram private chats do work, although not when using telegram "secret chat" (E2E) feature. I am bridging with As for SMS: there exists a bridge somewhere, I think...

@krille @matrix For SMS (and MMS), you could use as an XMPP frontend, then use the XMPP bridge to get it into Matrix.

@debacle @krille @matrix Are you using it with the XMPP bridge? That's really cool, if so. I might have to try getting that together.

I'm aware that it's for a different platform, but how does the FluffyChat UX and compatibility stand compared to @riotchat (if you've used it)? @krille @matrix

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