My new Notebook with some cute @Ubports stickers. Currently running with Ubuntu 18.10 =)

@NickFreeman @Ubports The tux sticker? That is older than the others. Search for macbook sticker linux and you should find it =)

@krille @Ubports I’ve been hunting those stickers down, but been unable to find them

@ernmander @Ubports I've got them on the last hackaton. At the moment you can only buy them on patreon:

@krille @Ubports Ahh cool, thank you for the heads up, I'll head over and go see . Thank you again :)

@twinkybot @Ubports "support only true community distributions of volunteers" ... like Ubuntu Touch? Take a look at how the ubports community is working at


This was only in regards to Ubuntu and not UBports. Have been long enough a part of ubports (at least as supporter) to appreciate this movement.

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