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@room FluffyChat 1.0.0 has been released featuring a new design, a lot of bug fixes, better performance, a theme switcher, end to end encryption by default, better spaces support and much much more!

❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Es gibt jetzt eine islieb-App für Android, über die ihr alle neuen Comics mitlesen könnt. Programmiert von @krille ! (Absolut grandios!) 🎉

Wir sind noch in der Testphase. Ihr könnt die App gern ausprobieren, wenn ihr möchtet. Feedback - gerade auch von Usern mit Programmier-Kenntnissen - ist sehr willkommen!

App-Projekt auf GitLab:

Falls ihr Probleme habt, die App über den Link oben zu installieren (so wie ich), könnt ihr sie auch hier laden:

The app is made with Flutter and the Yaru theme from the Ubuntu Desktop team <3

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My new app "Fun With Kanji" is now in the release process for the open beta in the PlayStore. TestFlight, Snapcraft and F-Droid are also planned 🤗

Learn **all** Japanese characters you need with **Fun With Kanji**, including Hiragana, Katakana, 232 Radicals and 2136 Kanji.

#Tusky has finally neged #UnifiedPush !

Push notifications support via UnifiedPush by PeterCxy · Pull Request #2303 · tuskyapp/Tusky

Hmmm the sketch of this drawing has been made traditional with a pencil. I have the feeling that I can draw much more precise with a pencil.

I wrote something about why messages sometimes fail to decrypt on #matrix:

It is still rough and will probably get reworked at some point, but I don't have the time for that rn, so that will have to wait. Maybe it is already interesting to you!

Hah! I can now receive Push Notifications on FluffyChat over the FOSS implementation of Firebase Cloud Messaging from Unified Push.

That's sooooo fancy

In my company I have (maybe temporarily) switched to a new developer team and was asked to draw a logo for this team. They were warned...

I have already finished six pages of the first chapter. @jana_95x is helping me with the backgrounds 😍😍😍

Woo-hoo! Wait is over... Cinny now supports session verification as well as it has a desktop app now.

There are tons of other features that landed in v2.0.0.

Live on:
Check release:

#matrix #cinnyapp #reactjs

Someone said they miss the multi-window feature from MSN. So I thought, how hard could it be? #matrix #nheko

Mastodon und das ganze Fediverse sind echt super.

Habe hier schon - ziemlich zufällig - eine tolle Person gefunden, die innerhalb von 1, 2 Tagen mal eben eine komplette islieb-Comic-App gebastelt hat.

Wir können hier bestimmt bald die erste Version vorstellen!

Bin begeistert.

One of the most important feature requests we've heard from you is "WHERE THE HECK IS MY #THUNDERBIRD MOBILE APP?"

Here's a straight answer:

YES, we're excited to announce that an Android version of Thunderbird is coming!

We'll have more details to share with you in a few weeks. We'll talk to you about it here, and over on our blog at

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