Gerade echt so passiert:

🍏: Bitte ein Passwort für ihre neue Apple ID festlegen.
☺: Okay, hier.
🍏: Das Passwort ist extrem unsicher! Abgelehnt!
🤔: Warum unsicher?
🍏: Weil es länger als 32 Zeichen ist.
😳: Ääääh, dann das hier?
🍏: Das Passwort ist extrem unsicher! Abgelehnt!
😳: Weil?
🍏: Es ungültige Sonderzeichen enthält!
😭: Seit wann sind lange Passwörter mit Sonderzeichen unsicher??
🍏: Für ihre Sicherheit MÜSSEN sie außerdem drei Sicherheitsfragen hinzufügen!

Why Ubuntu Touch Matters! For Me The Reason Is Easy, Chapter 3.

Ubuntu Touch Safety Architecture

The third and final chapter of UBports informative series is now available.

#UBports #UbuntuTouch #Blog

FluffyChat 11 is in the OpenStore:
With improved stability and performance, new translations, design changes, better tablet support and a lot of bug fixes.

@ubports @matrix will be down for a couple of minutes for maintanance.


What is the 3cm rule anyway? Join Joe (in here) and Wayne (out there) to find out in the latest Ubuntu Touch audiocast.

#UBports #UbuntuTouch #Audiocast #opensource #smartphone

testing UBports on Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus, a little buggy for now but it's something ^^ #xiaomi
#linux #noandroid #ubports #ubuntutouch @ubports

The server is currently being updated and will be unavailable for some time.

Ubuntu Touch OTA-8 is here!! To find out more on how to get OTA-8, its features and updates, click on the link below.

#UBports #UbuntuTouch #OTA8 #opensource #smartphone

My @ubports experience with Ubuntu Touch and a OnePlus One. It's amazing to finally be Google free, at least I think I am... #Open-Source #FOSS #UbuntuTouch

The server will currently be unavailable to install the upgrade to the newest synapse version.

The server is currently unavailable. We are working on the problem...

Ubuntu Touch 2000 and beyond.

To all who have said:
"Ubuntu Touch is dead."
I can now forward from Wayneoutthere:
"Told you so 😝! Told you so 😝!"

#SimpleMatrix is starting to look more pretty with the new default background. Notifications are better now too. Better image picker for sending messages and for settings another background image are on the way too!

(cc @krille as he is kind of part of the image)

Testing #TELEports on my tablet with #Ubuntu touch from @ubports
It looks and feels very nice. But the coolest thing was that #telegram recognized the Ubuntu Phone device 🤓 🤩

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