Sleep - Antarcticans Thawed

seriously the best song since Sonic T- ok I think you can see where I'm going with this. The Sciences is without a doubt among the best albums to release, ever! The only album that begins to rival it in recent years is SubRosa's For this we Fought the Battle of Ages

Sleep - Sonic Titan

seriously the best song since Marijuanaut's Theme

*not big brain* Minor scale
*big brain* Harmonic minor scale
*vvv biggened brain* Locrian #6 scale

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: Boris - Flood

Got recommended a bunch of stoner drone metal on the Bass discord, very nice album so far. Join us at by the way :)

High on Fire - Snakes for the Divine

Such a kickass, high energy track! :D

Started reading I am Ozzy. Very good book and I'm barely three chapters in! Gives a lot of perspective on Sabbath.

New Sonic Titan recording is seriously amazing! The lightly wah'd bass section culminating into the main section is brilliance all the way through, it almost has me in tears.

"Look onto Zion though it can't be seen"



Done at last! This is a very thorough map of (I hope) every act that has spawned out of Kyuss, including some how's, why's, and other personnel! Took me a long while to compile.

: Fu Manchu - Intelligent Worship
Finally got mopidy up and running as a systemd service. Neat way of learning more about it :)

Saw Fu Manchu in Stockholm a while ago, by the way. They absolutely kicked ass!

Found these guys for Sweden, which works for me --

€1/piece for these kinds of plugs and they got cables on the meter, so I guess it's good enough for me

Hey folks, any recommendations on where to buy materials for building patch cables in Europe?

: Electric Wizard - We Hate You
Absolutely soul crushing main riff! The entire Dopethrone album is a masterpiece in so many ways.

Today's soundtrack:

I think SubRosa is the most astonishing act to have come out this century.

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