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There's a thing on TV right now about drugs, and potential benefits.
Right now they're discussing ketamin and its effects on the brain.

It's compared to the brain defragging and reformatting like a computer.

Ok first of all, why defrag if you're going to reformat anyway??

zur aktuellen Berichterstattung zur .

Es soll mehr auf die Basis gehört werden. NICHT auf Die Basis.

Und zum Thema Neuordnung, es geht um die Partei, nicht um Die Partei.

Ich hoffe das ist nun klarer.

ok und wie macht man caret browsing generell aus? Ich will meine F7-Taste gern verwenden.

Hab den Kreisverkehr benutzt um zu wenden und bin dann weggefahren. Ist ja nicht so dass ich da *unbedingt* hin musste wo ich hin wollte...

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Titel für den besten Spieletitel des Jahrgangs 2021 geht an

My ... windows settings have rewards now?
"Start earning"???

I did say a few weeks ago that windows is becoming pay to win, right?

Sprudelwasser mit Zitronenscheibe.
Fritz-Kola mit Zitronenscheibe.
Kakao mit Zitronenscheibe.

Die Zitronenscheibe klemmt im Glas fest.

That's it for another episode of random thoughts by half asleep me. I hope you enjoyed it. If you did, tune in next time on this very same channel.

*goes back to sleep*

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... but I feel like we're already kinda cheating a bit when it comes to relativity anyway. That one feels like an edge case we're exploiting that the creators of the universe didn't intend.

Shame we'll never find out if ftl actually works because the earth will stop supporting humanity long before that.

Thanks climate change.

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... which feels like entering a cheat code in a computer game or going out of bounds in a speedrun.

The inputs to accomplish that are just a bit more sophisticated. 😁

Anyway, if you take a shortcut through an extra dimension, are you still actually traveling faster than light? Are you still going back in time?

Now this feels like being well in the realm of science fiction, like something humanity will never accomplish anyway...

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Welcome to another episode of random thoughts by half asleep me:

I like how in some movies, travel is explained by using a piece of paper. The start and destination are points on opposite ends of the paper, the paper is then bent in the middle to show how the points are now closer together if you just travel through the gap between the ends of the paper.

So the solution to ftl travel is too simply add an extra dimension to the universe and travel through that...

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