Im gibt's für lau gerade , die digitale Adaption des .

Nicht irgendein Brettspiel. TFM ist das 5-beste Brettspiel lt. bgg!

Oh, there'll be a digital version of ( )

It's different from , which is a PC game set in the same universe, but with very different gameplay.

This one though is a Lockdown adaption.

I kinda wish they'd gone with vanilla Nemesis instead of Lockdown, as I think it's the superior game. Then again, a digital version will remove a lot of book keeping and streamline the experience, so it might well work.

Idea for : game boxes should include info on setup time instead of just play time.

Not in minutes necessarily. Some scale between none and lots though.

should have such a rating as well.

Unsetup too, please, at least in bgg.

prediction: we'll have a boardgame within a year that looks like a mix of Scrabble and Mastermind.

The game will be a 2 player competitive experience, it'll come with a booklet that lists valid words which one player selects one from.

Its rating on bgg will be sub 5/10.

While I generally enjoy the experience of , I do see some problems too. In particular the projects tend to be huge, with many many different options to combine things you want.
The projects take years to complete, for example I participated in the Lockdown one. I ordered stuff from original Nemesis, plus Lockdown stuff. That was 18 months ago I think. I got some of the things about a year ago, some just today.

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