While I generally enjoy the experience of , I do see some problems too. In particular the projects tend to be huge, with many many different options to combine things you want.
The projects take years to complete, for example I participated in the Lockdown one. I ordered stuff from original Nemesis, plus Lockdown stuff. That was 18 months ago I think. I got some of the things about a year ago, some just today.

Had two expansions on my list, but both base games aren't favorites in my group. I'll get them if that ever changes.

Also. Why tf does have a booth at expo ?

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I just looked it up

The thing you throw darts at is called a dart board 🎯

Darts is a

Ich mag schön gemachte Inserts.
Eben fertig zusammengebaut, jetzt schön gemütlich sleeven.

, , .

Alle drei Spiele Lovecraft Letter wurden durch Auslegen von Cthulhu gewonnen 😁

und .

Es gab paar Runden , bisschen , und 2 Runden .

Wir haben besiegt und . Beides sehr knapp, hing am Ende vom Turn Order Deck ab.

❤️ Kadir

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