FWIW, we (pre-)released a new piece of TURN server software today:


@holger great!

We should incorporate finally STUN/TURN in Xash, don't you think, @mittorn?
@a1batross @holger do you mean original stun protocol or some stun-like? stun server need to bind all external udp ports for port-based nat

@mittorn @a1batross Short story: There's usually not much point in binding STUN servers to multiple IP addresses these days.

@holger @a1batross
I am talking not about several stun/turn servers on different IPs, but about detecting external port. We need send packet to same port with port, opened from peer, so server must receive packets on all ports. So we need separate IP for stun/turn and for masterserver (or use lower port that not used for NAT masking)
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