Next naming issue ahead! (Hardest problem in programming.)

If you were to publish a TURN server (written in Erlang), what name would you choose? Some suggestions:

@holger eturnd makes sense for me because it's the same scheme like ejabberd

"eturnd" is also incredibly boring, saturn on the other hand… is one marvelous beauty… just look at those rings! 🪐

I remember Zash telling a story that Prosody was going to be named “lxmppd”… just… ugh nope! 🙅‍

@jr @holger +1 for eturnd. A name that decribe the programm well is always the best.

Saturn/returned just gives you another name you can't search the web for (not quite as bad as 'go', but close)

eturnd is consistent

@drazraeltod @holger Those are my thoughts as well. Just try to get some help or information on Conversations...

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