Added IPv6 support to 's built-in TURN server. Hardest problem, as usual, how to name the new option to specify the server's v6 address. Suggestions so far: turn_ip6, turn_v6_ip, turn_ip_v6, turn_ipv6, turn_ipv6_ip, turn_ipv6_addr, turn_ipv6_address.

Hmm… I’m probably missing something (maybe you wanted to be explicit) but why not just have turn_something and then detect if the address is IPv4 or IPv6?

This could be made into an array of addresses to listen to, etc. etc.

@wiktor The server needs both an IPv4 and (optionally) an IPv6 address. So yes it could be made a list of one IPv4 and zero to one IPv6 addresses, but that seems somewhat weirdo and unintuitive to me. (Plus I'd have to got to some lengths to hand over such a constraint to the configuration parser.)

Understood. Thanks for the detailed explanation! 👍

Turn me round sexy (probably german speakers only)

@holger the name of variable for IPv4 + "6".

like ping -> ping6, traceroute -> traceroute6.
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