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Using #xmpp is simple, secure and easy. Just create an xmpp account, install an xmpp client, login and start chatting.

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Join us tomorrow (Tuesday, 13th April) at 16:00 UTC for a round table discussion about the features, changes, additions deletions, and policies we'd like to see in a hypothetical future "XMPP 2.0". More info at wiki.xmpp.org/web/XMPP_Office_ #XMPP

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Join us tomorrow at XMPP Office Hours 📢 for a talk by Conversations developer Daniel Gultsch on verifying A/V calls with OMEMO at 17:00 UTC (19th of March '21)

Join here: socialcoop.meet.coop/sam-pku-d

You also would like to give a talk? More info at:

#federated #decentralization #standards #jabber #conversations #omemo

Our next virtual meetup will take place on Wednesday, 18:00 CET. We'll give a short introduction to for XMPP (), followed by a discussion with one of the XEP authors and various implementors:


The video conference URL will be announced in our public channel:


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OK, time for me to make an apology.

I hadn't used XMPP for quite a while. While I liked it last time I used it there were issues keeping connections and the clients were less than stellar.

While the desktop clients for Linux are still a little shaky I can recommend Quicksy (thank you @moparisthebest for the recommendation).

I've been crabby when people recommend XMPP because I didn't realize that folks have taken XMPP from an early 21st century protocol to a joy to use.

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@tpheine @sesivany blech. server side still closed, so we need to trust a company instead of being able to run our own servers and federate. that is the kind of shit that brought us to this situation of 5 walled garden apps installed on devices. fuck silos. #matrix #xmpp

Today, we released eturnal 1.2.0, which adds a module for logging STUN/TURN stats to InfluxDB (contributed by Marc Schink): eturnal.net

After testing Siskin and Monal for a few days, my impression is that XMPP is now way more usable on iOS than it was back in the days. Many thanks to @tigase for their great work on Siskin IM.

In case any Erlang people happen to be interested in straightforward support for systemd's notification/watchdog features:


Note to self: Logging a message from a function that handles log messages is not that much of a great idea.

FWIW, we (pre-)released a new piece of TURN server software today:


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Just a quick reminder, we'll be starting in a few minutes. The Jitsi Meet URL is:


Just be aware that you will be recorded by YouTube if you join. If you prefer to just listen, please use the YouTube stream:


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Next naming issue ahead! (Hardest problem in programming.)

If you were to publish a TURN server (written in Erlang), what name would you choose? Some suggestions:

During our next (virtual) XMPP meetup on Wednesday, 18:00 CEST, Daniel Gultsch and me will give an introduction to the technologies used for A/V calls with XMPP. Topics discussed will include Jingle, ICE/STUN/TURN, (S)RTP, and WebRTC. The meetup will take place on Jitsi Meet, see:


We'll also be streaming this meetup live to YouTube, so if you participate, you will be recorded. If you'd prefer to just listen, please use the YouTube stream:


Time required to fix an average bug in software: 10 minutes to code the fix, 20 minutes to write the commit message, 30 minutes to wait for the test suites to complete, 60 minutes to run Dialyzer for static type checking. (Yes, Erlang people, it's just a few seconds if you don't keep messing up your PLTs like I do.)

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