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This month's meetup will take place on April 13 at 18:00 CEST. We'll have Thilo giving a guest talk about “Modern XMPP—A story based on .”

The meetup is going to be hybrid ( & meet.in-berlin.de) and will also be streamed via:


For details, see:


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Berlin XMPP Meetup

"Joining Two Open Protocols: XMPP-ActivityPub Gateway"
by Goffi
Wednesday, 2022-03-09 18:00 CET

meet.in-berlin.de/ - URL will be announced in


#XMPP #fedivers #survaillanceCapitalism

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@twann xmpp is how I do sms and mms. Yay jmp.chat 😁

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Online presentation: Diving deep into Briar: a closer look at its internals

If everything works well, the talk will be streamed over media.ccc.de.

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Using #xmpp is simple, secure and easy. Just create an xmpp account, install an xmpp client, login and start chatting.

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Join us tomorrow (Tuesday, 13th April) at 16:00 UTC for a round table discussion about the features, changes, additions deletions, and policies we'd like to see in a hypothetical future "XMPP 2.0". More info at wiki.xmpp.org/web/XMPP_Office_ #XMPP

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Join us tomorrow at XMPP Office Hours 📢 for a talk by Conversations developer Daniel Gultsch on verifying A/V calls with OMEMO at 17:00 UTC (19th of March '21)

Join here: socialcoop.meet.coop/sam-pku-d

You also would like to give a talk? More info at:

#federated #decentralization #standards #jabber #conversations #omemo

Our next virtual meetup will take place on Wednesday, 18:00 CET. We'll give a short introduction to for XMPP (), followed by a discussion with one of the XEP authors and various implementors:


The video conference URL will be announced in our public channel:


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OK, time for me to make an apology.

I hadn't used XMPP for quite a while. While I liked it last time I used it there were issues keeping connections and the clients were less than stellar.

While the desktop clients for Linux are still a little shaky I can recommend Quicksy (thank you @moparisthebest for the recommendation).

I've been crabby when people recommend XMPP because I didn't realize that folks have taken XMPP from an early 21st century protocol to a joy to use.

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@tpheine @sesivany blech. server side still closed, so we need to trust a company instead of being able to run our own servers and federate. that is the kind of shit that brought us to this situation of 5 walled garden apps installed on devices. fuck silos. #matrix #xmpp

Today, we released eturnal 1.2.0, which adds a module for logging STUN/TURN stats to InfluxDB (contributed by Marc Schink): eturnal.net

After testing Siskin and Monal for a few days, my impression is that XMPP is now way more usable on iOS than it was back in the days. Many thanks to @tigase for their great work on Siskin IM.

In case any Erlang people happen to be interested in straightforward support for systemd's notification/watchdog features:


Note to self: Logging a message from a function that handles log messages is not that much of a great idea.

FWIW, we (pre-)released a new piece of TURN server software today:


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