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#automattic about #xmpp:

"Jabber (XMPP) is an open instant messaging protocol used by millions of people daily. At WordPress.com we use Jabber to instantly deliver new blog posts and comments to subscribers."
#wordpress #matrix

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Joe Armstrong knew that employees working from home (concurrent) is better than throwing everyone into the same office (parallel).


Added IPv6 support to 's built-in TURN server. Hardest problem, as usual, how to name the new option to specify the server's v6 address. Suggestions so far: turn_ip6, turn_v6_ip, turn_ip_v6, turn_ipv6, turn_ipv6_ip, turn_ipv6_addr, turn_ipv6_address.

Not reading any emails during the weekend feels like a terrific idea. Until it's Monday.

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