Today, we released eturnal 1.2.0, which adds a module for logging STUN/TURN stats to InfluxDB (contributed by Marc Schink):

After testing Siskin and Monal for a few days, my impression is that XMPP is now way more usable on iOS than it was back in the days. Many thanks to @tigase for their great work on Siskin IM.

In case any Erlang people happen to be interested in straightforward support for systemd's notification/watchdog features:

Note to self: Logging a message from a function that handles log messages is not that much of a great idea.

FWIW, we (pre-)released a new piece of TURN server software today:

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Just a quick reminder, we'll be starting in a few minutes. The Jitsi Meet URL is:

Just be aware that you will be recorded by YouTube if you join. If you prefer to just listen, please use the YouTube stream:

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Next naming issue ahead! (Hardest problem in programming.)

If you were to publish a TURN server (written in Erlang), what name would you choose? Some suggestions:

During our next (virtual) XMPP meetup on Wednesday, 18:00 CEST, Daniel Gultsch and me will give an introduction to the technologies used for A/V calls with XMPP. Topics discussed will include Jingle, ICE/STUN/TURN, (S)RTP, and WebRTC. The meetup will take place on Jitsi Meet, see:

We'll also be streaming this meetup live to YouTube, so if you participate, you will be recorded. If you'd prefer to just listen, please use the YouTube stream:

Time required to fix an average bug in software: 10 minutes to code the fix, 20 minutes to write the commit message, 30 minutes to wait for the test suites to complete, 60 minutes to run Dialyzer for static type checking. (Yes, Erlang people, it's just a few seconds if you don't keep messing up your PLTs like I do.)

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@ulrichkelber diese bescheuerte Regel hat vor allem dazu geführt dass ich heute ständig aus versehen irgendwas zustimme, dass ich nicht wollte, weil man halt jetzt defaultmässig erstmal bei jeder Seite irgendwo klicken muss. Gutes Beispiel für komplett lebensfernen Datenschutz.

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#automattic about #xmpp:

"Jabber (XMPP) is an open instant messaging protocol used by millions of people daily. At we use Jabber to instantly deliver new blog posts and comments to subscribers."
#wordpress #matrix

Added IPv6 support to 's built-in TURN server. Hardest problem, as usual, how to name the new option to specify the server's v6 address. Suggestions so far: turn_ip6, turn_v6_ip, turn_ip_v6, turn_ipv6, turn_ipv6_ip, turn_ipv6_addr, turn_ipv6_address.

Not reading any emails during the weekend feels like a terrific idea. Until it's Monday.

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