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Just tried to connect to free WiFi in aus and found the only way to login provided was Facebook. Is this pretty common? Feels a little dystopian to force users to with with social for access.


Nice to see 'londongrad' trending on twitter, and something that those in the UK can focus on as a meaningful action be elevated in public consciousness. I've been pretty quiet about Ukraine, just because apart from "it's really shit" I haven't really known what to say. I'm not an expert on this, and any expression of solidarity feels a bit hollow really.

It's difficult to see what we can do when the economic situation means we can't make ourselves independent from Russia.

In our spring campaign "Connecting Gardens" we want to help you start growing #OpenSourceGardens and connect you via gardens and beyond borders.

To participate, we send you one of our "starter kits" including multiple varieties of Open Source Seeds:

@plants #solarpunk

Solidarity with London Underground workers today. You work damn hard for little recognition ✊


my band @eruers

currently working on a release of new material & what Ive been listening to to get done

trans band that is both political & personal & ad-less [no Spotify, Youtube etc]. looking at the world for how it acts towards LGBTQIA+ folk, racism, xenophobia, political douchbags & many other things, such as mental health

your support helps toward making more music & working with like-minded individuals

#ERUERS #music #share #boost #bandcamp

After what feels like aeons, I've finally seen a speech and language therapist. It turns out that due to a number of factors, including a pretty traumatic emotional breakdown during mid-2020 my larynx is a little tense. I've got vocal exercises to do to remedy this and am going to take singing lessons to re-learn how to use my voice. Whilst it doesn't mean I can get back into the studio immediately, we have a distinct way forward and I should hopefully be operational again soon!


One positive I take from the removal of joe rogan's show from Spotify is that, maybe, a bunch of people are going to suddenly learn about podcatchers and RSS. Maybe. I really hope more people realise that Spotify/Mixcloud/Soundcloud is not the same thing as podcasting.

Something big is very nearly ready. I can practically taste the end of it. The 'done' column is over three times the size of what you see here.

I'm looking forward to sharing it with you and moving on, Hearse Pileup has been sleeping for too long.

I'm sorry, but why is the UK govt website asking me to agree to a cookies and privacy policy agreement to place an order for a lateral flow test? And WHY does the UK govt use Google Analytics as part of that? 👀


On this subject, I have issues with the BBC. The mainstreaming they have done with regard to transphobia is pretty unforgivable, and the way they sway toward the incumbent power highly frustrating. However attempting to privatise it will likely remove any teeth it had left. At their best they create some really good programming and it will be sad to see that go, should they be forced to privately fund. Or worse, be funded by govt and become actual state propaganda.

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Things are getting wild here in the UK. The PM Boris Johnson is just as bad a Dominic Cummings - who drove miles outside of the city with covid in spite of rules he helped create. Yet there's a hard core that still support him 'cos he 'got brexit done'. The thing that, if it wasn't 'done' would have been one of the most embarrassing governmental cock ups in the history of the UK. The thing that, so far, hasn't delivered on any of the promises originally made of it. Magic beans come to mind.

In all seriousness, we're nearly in a position to announce a release date for Realise. Sorry for the delay, things have been difficult.

Love you all!

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*Crawling out of the wreckage of 2021, clothes tattered and covered in ash*

"I've... I've nearly done it - the game is in early alpha! I can almost put my first solo game behind me! It's nearly... all..."

*Collapses in a heap*

The more NFT discourse I see, the more I feel justified in saying that NFT stan accounts exemplify the phrase 'money can't buy you a personality'.

You're an older man in a dance club for the first time...

Some activists demand from Pitchfork, RA and Berghein to acknowledge that artist Vatican Shadow is linked to fascists. Petition antifascistmusicalliance.wpcom

So the company that basically owns the music industry right now (Spotify) has paid its' CEO to invest in AI Defense technology.

I don't like having our material fund military research, but as a small artist gaining an audience is the lifeblood for our continued existence. I have some ideas on how to combat this, but I'm interested to know what you think we could do. We need an alternative - this shouldn't be possible.


We've actually written a song about this. Please consider signing. People we know may be affected.

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