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Youtube algorithmic subtitles simply do not understand Kier Starmer's name. So far the best misinterpretation I've seen is "kiss dharma". Wish I'd got a screenshot now 😅

I don't know who needs to hear this advice today, but you're welcome.

Mulan the sleeping girl.

Also a bonus wearing the hat I crocheted for her while I was on holiday :blobmiou: #catterday

:telecommuter: I am after your thoughts, takes and impressions:

How has hacker culture changed since the lockdown(s) of last year?

What new projects have hackers taken on? What engagements have intensified, which have waned or withered?


FTL: Faster Than Light (Macintosh 512K, 1985)
by Subset Games


Almost 5,000 people – security & privacy experts, cryptographers, researchers, professors, legal experts and Apple customers – have signed the open letter to decry Apple’s plans to undermine privacy and end-to-end encryption.

Apple has called us “the screeching voice of the minority.”

Join us! Let’s show King Tim what the screeching minority thinks of his plans to violate personhood in the digital network age.

Oh, it's bandcamp friday. Buy our fuckin music, I guess. Or not.

Someone just bought a copy everything we have on bandcamp. Thanks, whoever you are!

Asilos Magdelena by The Mars Volta is a very challenging but rewarding song to learn on a spanish guitar.

reporting that Helsinki open library has audio and video studios, beside all else... also vinyl+ DJ deck, free for everyone to use, one can book time slots as I understand...

I find it really interesting to look at big tech from the perspective of smoke and mirrors; the need to appear more advanced than we are to project a larger tech dystopia onto our world than the one we already exist in. I've found the concept fascinating ever since reading "Living Dolls" by Gaby Wood.

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I just listened to the "potemkin AI" episode of the This Machine Kills podcast. Nice to hear some critical tech discourse, really enjoyed it. Particularly references to the mechanical turk, lots to unpack. Looking forward to checking out more.

Anybody want to hear me rant about a paper that tries to teach a computer ethics?

Because having a blackbox model decide what's moral and what's just is healthy for a democratic society!

I played this a little while ago and the experience stayed with me. A really nice analysis of landlordism wrapped up in a creepy computer game with body horror elements. Truly worth playing; I hope we manage to make something with even half as much clarity and purpose for our single 'Realise'.

It's also released on a name your price, no minimum model, much like our music 😉

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