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To be clear, I have no issue with paying money for the work of developers, but I take issue with a £40+ cost for entry. Especially when majoy publishers benefit from economies of scale.

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I'm a big Star Wars fan, so yesterday when I had to choose between Obduction and Jedi Fallen Order last night, both at 60% off, I was very conflicted. I went with Obduction because it's a cheper game, and I think cyan deserve my money more than EA. I've waited this long, I can wait longer.

We're really scraping the bottom of the barrel when it comes to the web and money now aren't we? I'm so glad I'm not using facebook - putting ads in the middle of video content is insane. And now creators are (understandably) putting adverts mixed up in their content because the platform still isn't sustainable. I guess we'll be seeing ads inserted into other ads soon enough...

Really superb collection of animations here, worth checking out:

Thanks for sharing, @rob !

Here is a video we made for our first release on HINTT! We're very happy to have Gregor Dys on board and bring to you his intricate, complex ambient album 'errors / regrets'.

Tape & Digital by HINTT. Out thursday July 1st 2021.

The video contains flashing images

#art #ambient #neoclassic #noise #experimental #music

I just listened to OK Computer for the first time. I am very embarrassed that it took me so long. I can see why people compare radiohead to muse, though I'd still say they have pretty distinct sounds.

Every time an animator uses our work I feel incredibly privellaged to have someone appreciate our work so much. Sick work right here from Tomonaku 🤩 🤩 🤩 🤩

Matt hosted a new episode of Rantbox! Once again joined by John, Ola and Oli. I was pretty happy with where this episode went and what we covered. Topics covered include and

Emotional trauma 

This episode of Star Trek DS9 is just amazing. One of the best performances I think I've seen in start trek full stop. Also brought back painful memories of anxiety attacks I've experienced.

Our frontman hosted his first episode of Rantbox TV on role of stories in modern culture. We had some pretty cool discussions about storytelling, capitalism, justice narratives, the portrayal of evil. All in all pretty enjoyable:

I think video from vsauce is pretty important - it highights the flaws in human reason. It also starts to touch on important ideas about our evolutional need to exist in communities:

How do we answer ? I've taken part in conversations suggesting that running smart contracts on localised blockchains could be a little more responsible; i.e. not treating such chains as trading platforms but as decentralised trust sources. This sorts out the digital rights side, at the cost of treating an NFT as an investment; making them kinda pointless. The deeper question is around how we value and bring value to music. And if that isn't monetarily, how else? Artists still gotta eat.

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