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So for some reason we've suddenly spiked nearly 1k followers on tiktok over the last two days? Current count is about 1950 😱

Don't ask me, I don't get it 🙂


I don't particularly care for Kier steamer's labour, but the particularly depressing thing about their losses is quite his thoroughly the conservatives seem to be cleaning up. I'm mostly unplugged from mainstream media but their PR must be so positive right now for results like this. How else can people be looking around themselves and be saying "yep, more of this please"?


Welp, I just did my bit of democracy and voted for sadik khan. Honestly I thinkLabour are a huge mess right now but don't want to give any more ground to the conservatives.

Vote if you think it'll make a difference today. But ultimately don't think political change starts and ends at the ballot box. It barely even begins there, and has relatively minimal impacts in comparison to other political action.

Or, you know, just do you - that's also cool.

No, rantbox doesn't have an RSS feed yet, yes I'm working on it. Update on that soon!

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I don't listen to a lot of talk show format podcasts - I keep that part of my feed pretty curated (even though I appear on RantboxTV myself). But I strongly recommend the Blindboy Podcast. Very straight talking and real, interesting conversations.



ukpol, brexit 

Ok, I am a bit surprised that it's taken this short an amount of time for people to start talking about after Brexit. Pretty disappointing.

I say this in full knowledge that I still have a facebook and twitter account, mostly so that people can find me over here. A necessary evil until more people realise that decentralisation is where it's at.

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is currently trending on twitter, lol. I suggest you too. It's so much nicer on the fediverse.

"Facts don't care about your feelings"


"*My* feelings don't care about *your* facts"

Testing moa bridge with a short poem.

Ode to a Big Mac:

I chew through soft bread
And warm, cooked meat.
Reminded of the steaming
Freshly-killed carcass my ancestors would eat.
Whilst pre-digested cow circles my mouth
I think on blood, dripping from primal teeth.
Wet crimson snow and the thrill of the hunt.
I rip out another chunk of simulated carcass.
We didn't evolve from animals.
We are animals.

Discussion of domestic violence and misogyny 

I (@gaffen) attended a panel for part four of a series on misogyny in the UK. This one seeks a male perspective on the issue - thus it was vital it be hosted by the incomprable Reshma. I thank her for her expert stewardship of the episode! As we mention in the show I'm very aware the discussion is quite cishet as a resulte, I would be interested in hearing other perspectives.

Racism, Religious opression 

I just listened to an episode of One Conversation... From The End Of The World interviewing Yasmine Mohammed. Really brave to have this conversation about purity culture, ideology and racism in a sensetive manner.

Look at this cool #FOSS ..

Natron - Cross platform & open-source compositor
for visual effects and #motion #graphics industry

They just released v2.4.0

BUT ..

#Natron is looking for a project Maintainer! Are you the ONE?

Thanks @ademalsasa for sharing the info in

looking through some old ello history and found this nice #asemic colab between @palomakop and @memexikon


It's a complicated issue, all I'm trying to say is that centering this narrative allows the government to get off the hook when it cines to discussing mismanagement.

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