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Just installed the ultimate guitar app and I shit you not must have spent a good 15 minute unticking cookie consent boxes. WTF.

(Most of these thoughts are happening is relation to Lindsay Ellis's video. Some of the shit that had been weaponised against her was clearly collected by people with ulterior motives)

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That's not to say cancellations shouldn't happen, or that things don't happen for a good reason. But the sheer frenzy that builds up and receipt distributing... Some of that ain't healthy. And easy to see how it could be egged on in bad faith.

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Hate to go all conspiracy nutcase, but I can't help but feel that some of the hysteria around cancel culture is actively being whipped up by the right. If words like 'racist' and 'fascist' lose their meaning then it's a lot easier to actually be one.

For more details on Google’s latest affront to humanity, see this write-up by the lovely @PlausibleHQ folks:

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Whoops, that was the wroooong video 🤣

Enjoy the lofi though!

This is what I was talking about:

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Just watched Lindsay Ellis's video on the cancelling. Gotta say it makes happier to focus on mastodon. Lifting my talking points from their algoritm in the hopes of trending feels cheap and like playing myself.

The Robert Webb situation is pretty simple really. He voiced his opinion on an issue that doesn't directly affect him. He was interviewed by someone it does. There's nothing abusive about confronting someone about it in a polite manner.

Anyone here done anything with LED matrices before? Been thinking of buying a 32x64 for stage equipment purposes (driven most probably by a raspberry pi)

Damn, I forgot to caption: the photo is of the twitter trending tab. One story reads 'Need a laugh today? here are some tweets that'll do the job'. Lower down an article on 'The Rise and Fall of Canary Wharf' is trending

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Also, Farage wishing his massive fan 'Hugh Janus' a happy birthday for cash is hilarious

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Sometimes birdsite isn't completely terrible. Seeing canary wharf struggling to keep london as the cancerous core of the UK made my day! 🤣


By this point I don't think there's a clean return to normal. It's taken so long to get testing out to everyone, sloppy guidance and little education of the public about a way clear path to recovery. People are exhausted and have stopped caring.

Finally got one, a good 6 months+ overdue. No criticism of the NHS, but this programme should have been rolled out during the first lockdown IMO.

My current strategy is to check trends on twitter and then toot on mastodon with a twitter mirror. Not a fan of letting birdsite set the agenda but at least I spend more time here.

Adobe CC is a perfect example of why monopolies are so bad. It's good software, but their rentier approach to development and price fixing is terrible

Our frontman @gaffen appeared on Rantbox TV with John Clay and Ola's Kool Kitchen to discuss misogyny in the UK, check it out!

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