@lewlepton We really did have an opportunity to take a good long look at ourselves when the institutional racism enquiry was being posited. Unfortunately, admitting we're not perfect is a fundamental slight on our national identity so we rejected it. Nationally we returned to a comforting fantasy rather than examining reality.



On this subject, I have issues with the BBC. The mainstreaming they have done with regard to transphobia is pretty unforgivable, and the way they sway toward the incumbent power highly frustrating. However attempting to privatise it will likely remove any teeth it had left. At their best they create some really good programming and it will be sad to see that go, should they be forced to privately fund. Or worse, be funded by govt and become actual state propaganda.

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Things are getting wild here in the UK. The PM Boris Johnson is just as bad a Dominic Cummings - who drove miles outside of the city with covid in spite of rules he helped create. Yet there's a hard core that still support him 'cos he 'got brexit done'. The thing that, if it wasn't 'done' would have been one of the most embarrassing governmental cock ups in the history of the UK. The thing that, so far, hasn't delivered on any of the promises originally made of it. Magic beans come to mind.

In all seriousness, we're nearly in a position to announce a release date for Realise. Sorry for the delay, things have been difficult.

Love you all!

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*Crawling out of the wreckage of 2021, clothes tattered and covered in ash*

"I've... I've nearly done it - the game is in early alpha! I can almost put my first solo game behind me! It's nearly... all..."

*Collapses in a heap*

The more NFT discourse I see, the more I feel justified in saying that NFT stan accounts exemplify the phrase 'money can't buy you a personality'.

@lewlepton @eruers I think social media relies on fast throughput, and I think this is a feature not a bug. The more behavior they can track, the more ads these services can accurately push at you ;)

I do think one thing everyone could benefit from right now is slowing down. It's something the fediverse has helped teach me. Honestly it's nicer here haha

@lewlepton There's too much focus on keeping people on the platform, and not enough on reciprocity. Instead we've become used to taking the recommendations an algorithm feeds us. I remember going to my local DVD rental and getting recommendations like you couldn't believe. I miss that.

I'm really starting to take the idea a little seriously... I think there's something there.

@lewlepton I just saw you're a coder too, being on the fediverse I guess that's pretty predictable 😅

@lewlepton I've been playing with an idea for a while... I think it might be time to bring web rings back? It'd be pretty easy to set up, and if you're a coder (like I am), you could make tools to help people who don't have a dedicated website get involved... Or tools for them to set up their own.

For me, at least, what's more important than being paid (though being paid is important!) is to build affinity groups. I miss there being a 'scene' to be involved with!

You're an older man in a dance club for the first time...

Some activists demand from Pitchfork, RA and Berghein to acknowledge that artist Vatican Shadow is linked to fascists. Petition antifascistmusicalliance.wpcom

So the company that basically owns the music industry right now (Spotify) has paid its' CEO to invest in AI Defense technology.

I don't like having our material fund military research, but as a small artist gaining an audience is the lifeblood for our continued existence. I have some ideas on how to combat this, but I'm interested to know what you think we could do. We need an alternative - this shouldn't be possible.


We've actually written a song about this. Please consider signing. People we know may be affected.

@SunDancer I think being a web developer builds learning new things into my nature, but there's still plenty of time for me to fall into the same trap 🤣

@SunDancer I've become all to aware of this in recent years, it's truly saddening to see people you respect seem to lose some of their critical reasoning.

@SunDancer I haven't actually read the story in too much detail so take everything with a pinch of salt. But it sounds pretty believable, and sad - if it's as it appears.

@SunDancer He's getting uppity about the brit awards removing gendered categories. It would seem he thinks 'woke culture' (from a cursory read that seems to be the phrase used) is going too far. Going as far to say that Queen would have had to have thought seriously about their diversity if they were to start again now.

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