New hobby when I'm added to a group message on Instagram promoting some live can service or whatever. I thank them for adding me but state that the service isn't relevant to my interests, then offer them (and the other guests) the chance to visit my bandcamp before leaving.

This is probably a good time to share the film database I made for recommendations to my wife; most of these come from there:

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Hmm, maybe I went too arthouse? 🤔 might come up with some alternate suggestions if necessary.

I need to create more content for my fuckin social media presence because that's how PR works. I hate this but I'm looking for ways to manage it. I was thinking of starting a film club; one film a week recommended and watched. Thinking of having the primary discussion here and bridging it to twitter for obv reasons.

More progress! Terrain generation working, some secondary loop stuff next and then I can start getting assets in there!

update on Sunday 'coz I got busy. Road generation works well, movement is pretty crap. Camera is terrible 🤣.

Enjoying play canvas so far though!

Congratulations - you made it to the end of the year!

I invite you to unplug from all the shit for just a few hours and just spend some time talking to and interacting with someone who's important to you. Be kind to yourself and others where you can.

Today I did a search of our band name and was pleasantly surprised by the number of people using it under a cc license! If anyone wants to use our stuff and wants us to share what they made let me know :)

Discussion of Facebook 

This is the kind of heinous shit that facebook tries to use to justify customer data breaches. Goddamn, I hate the fact that boing on this site is apparently a neccessary part of being a musician.

Our most recent single "We're All Going To Hell" has just been released on Spotify. It'd be really great (if you use the service) to get a save, a follow, or even have you take a listen to it:

It's also available for free on bandcamp, but we have to play the algorithm game for the sake of exposure :(

my name is luke and I'm here to say
I like cool stuff in the normal way

@fragmentscenario Damn, this is cool. Makes me want to add a backyard to my website.

Discussion of FakeBook 


The phrase "Delete facebook" marks your post as 'unboostable' (the algorithm penalises you) for 'improper reference to the brand'

But if you say "Delete Facebook™", you're golden 🤣

Goddamn facebook is a corporate hellscape.

Finally made it back into the studio; it's been a while! Matt's voice is still wrecked though >:(

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