Jubileeposting, body horror 

The platinum jubilee; a story in five parts. Part five in the reply.

Something big is very nearly ready. I can practically taste the end of it. The 'done' column is over three times the size of what you see here.

I'm looking forward to sharing it with you and moving on, Hearse Pileup has been sleeping for too long.

The advantages of being a artist. Since 'Stay Awake' was released on I've seen a noticable and *immediate* jump in my spotify stats. All of this thanks to releasing my work CC-BY-SA.

It's been a long time coming but it's so gratifying to see it connecting with people.

So yeah, if you need some and like what we do, feel free to use it 👍

Work continues apace on the music video for Realise whilst matt works on recovering his voice. Here's one of the characters you'll be meeting in it. Would you buy a car off this man? 🤣

Artwork by @gaffen

So for some reason we've suddenly spiked nearly 1k followers on tiktok over the last two days? Current count is about 1950 😱

Don't ask me, I don't get it 🙂

Sometimes birdsite isn't completely terrible. Seeing canary wharf struggling to keep london as the cancerous core of the UK made my day! 🤣

More progress! Terrain generation working, some secondary loop stuff next and then I can start getting assets in there!

update on Sunday 'coz I got busy. Road generation works well, movement is pretty crap. Camera is terrible 🤣.

Enjoying play canvas so far though!

Discussion of Facebook 

This is the kind of heinous shit that facebook tries to use to justify customer data breaches. Goddamn, I hate the fact that boing on this site is apparently a neccessary part of being a musician.

Finally made it back into the studio; it's been a while! Matt's voice is still wrecked though >:(

We just released the crowdsourced music vid we created for "We're All Going To Hell" under lockdown conditions. Thanks so much to all who helped out!


It's been a while folks, but we're still here.⠀

Finally, just in time for the second apocalypse, we finally give you "We're All Going To Hell"⠀



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