The advantages of being a artist. Since 'Stay Awake' was released on I've seen a noticable and *immediate* jump in my spotify stats. All of this thanks to releasing my work CC-BY-SA.

It's been a long time coming but it's so gratifying to see it connecting with people.

So yeah, if you need some and like what we do, feel free to use it 👍

Work continues apace on the music video for Realise whilst matt works on recovering his voice. Here's one of the characters you'll be meeting in it. Would you buy a car off this man? 🤣

Artwork by @gaffen

So for some reason we've suddenly spiked nearly 1k followers on tiktok over the last two days? Current count is about 1950 😱

Don't ask me, I don't get it 🙂

Sometimes birdsite isn't completely terrible. Seeing canary wharf struggling to keep london as the cancerous core of the UK made my day! 🤣

More progress! Terrain generation working, some secondary loop stuff next and then I can start getting assets in there!

update on Sunday 'coz I got busy. Road generation works well, movement is pretty crap. Camera is terrible 🤣.

Enjoying play canvas so far though!

Discussion of Facebook 

This is the kind of heinous shit that facebook tries to use to justify customer data breaches. Goddamn, I hate the fact that boing on this site is apparently a neccessary part of being a musician.

Finally made it back into the studio; it's been a while! Matt's voice is still wrecked though >:(

We just released the crowdsourced music vid we created for "We're All Going To Hell" under lockdown conditions. Thanks so much to all who helped out!

It's been a while folks, but we're still here.⠀

Finally, just in time for the second apocalypse, we finally give you "We're All Going To Hell"⠀


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