So the company that basically owns the music industry right now (Spotify) has paid its' CEO to invest in AI Defense technology.

I don't like having our material fund military research, but as a small artist gaining an audience is the lifeblood for our continued existence. I have some ideas on how to combat this, but I'm interested to know what you think we could do. We need an alternative - this shouldn't be possible.

@hearsepileup I have never used nor use Spotify, even as an artist

ive been looking for better alternatives like it that are not run by twat nozzles funding utter shite

bandcamp is great, but the plays dont add to revenue, but at least people can buy from the artist

my search is still ongoing for a Spotify alternative that does fist artists in payment & its awful practices

seriously, fuck Spotify & what it does to artists & creators

@lewlepton I've been playing with an idea for a while... I think it might be time to bring web rings back? It'd be pretty easy to set up, and if you're a coder (like I am), you could make tools to help people who don't have a dedicated website get involved... Or tools for them to set up their own.

For me, at least, what's more important than being paid (though being paid is important!) is to build affinity groups. I miss there being a 'scene' to be involved with!

@lewlepton I just saw you're a coder too, being on the fediverse I guess that's pretty predictable 😅

@hearsepileup aye, scenes have been throttled.
I think thats due to digital in itself, like Spotify etc. having something quick & ready right away, not giving time to take in the community itself or even adding to it by helping artists. but thats just a thought

I remember back in the myspace days, I felt there were communities. sadly many message were "hey, listen to my track". but I still felt there was something

I need to get back in music circles & communities would be a great thing

@lewlepton There's too much focus on keeping people on the platform, and not enough on reciprocity. Instead we've become used to taking the recommendations an algorithm feeds us. I remember going to my local DVD rental and getting recommendations like you couldn't believe. I miss that.

I'm really starting to take the idea a little seriously... I think there's something there.

@hearsepileup ads ads ADS, baby

it is a digital problem. an online & 'get it quick' mentality. I was talking to a friend about this just this morning & how people have been trained to 'just take', whether being shopping or whatever.

there doesnt seem to be a slow down to look. only devour & forget

@hearsepileup & I totally agree. I also miss the ability to look & choose of something

I did mention to my friend, that maybe its my age & that I grew up in the physical media age of tape, vinyl, CD, VHS etc.
but it is that something I do miss. I think thats why im pushing to make the first @eruers album a CD release, as well as digital

slow down is not bad. but in this day & age, being slow is being bad

@lewlepton @eruers I think social media relies on fast throughput, and I think this is a feature not a bug. The more behavior they can track, the more ads these services can accurately push at you ;)

I do think one thing everyone could benefit from right now is slowing down. It's something the fediverse has helped teach me. Honestly it's nicer here haha

@hearsepileup thats good that you feel slow down here. mastodon is literally the only social thing I use. the band also only uses either decentralised or things that have no ads etc.
so bandcamp is currently our only music avenue, but we do plan to do some videos for the album. I have some... interesting ideas ive been playing with hahaha

but you are correct. act quick, answer this, do this & then we can feed you A or B.
its a terrible cycle

but im glad you have found your breath here 🖤

@hearsepileup i know artists need something to help. even I had looked at Spotify many moons ago.
but felt like a sea of nothing

aye true, you can find interesting artists. but the "algorithm" always pointed people to artists that *didnt* need support, due to them being HUGE multimillion selling.
saw this when I watched people use it

Spotify, in my mind, is an "acceptable" Napster. true its not stealing & putting it online. but its stealing *your* revenue from *your* hard work

fuck 'em 🖕

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