@SunDancer He's getting uppity about the brit awards removing gendered categories. It would seem he thinks 'woke culture' (from a cursory read that seems to be the phrase used) is going too far. Going as far to say that Queen would have had to have thought seriously about their diversity if they were to start again now.

@SunDancer I haven't actually read the story in too much detail so take everything with a pinch of salt. But it sounds pretty believable, and sad - if it's as it appears.

@hearsepileup Sadly some people really get "stiff in the brain" with age...

@SunDancer I've become all to aware of this in recent years, it's truly saddening to see people you respect seem to lose some of their critical reasoning.

@hearsepileup to be fair, on occasion I feel the same stiffness rising... it's on some topics where my brain goes "I can't be bothered any more. Too old for this shit" Sometimes hard to stay flexible

@SunDancer I think being a web developer builds learning new things into my nature, but there's still plenty of time for me to fall into the same trap 🤣

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