I want to vito the word 'Content Creator' from my lexicon. I think it is unhelpful language that masques algorithm-chasing dross as creativity. "Content creation" surely means that you have something you do that people enjoy, 'content' is just a way of documenting it. Any suggestions of a word that retains any kind of artfulness? I find it difficult lumping in youtube drama videos in with film makers and artists.

@hearsepileup honestly, calling people/teams etc the thing you know that they do (or is relevant to the point you/they're making) generally helps. Whether it's painter, cinematographer, or level designer, that tells you 1000x more by default.

The only downside is that people may feel pegged in, but...well, the crapness of 'content creator' means less than nothing and is even more of a means of pegging someone into a hole that means nothing!

@OsirisSaline yeah, I think you're right; trying to lump people into some nebulous catch-all term is part of the problem in the first place

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