We're really scraping the bottom of the barrel when it comes to the web and money now aren't we? I'm so glad I'm not using facebook - putting ads in the middle of video content is insane. And now creators are (understandably) putting adverts mixed up in their content because the platform still isn't sustainable. I guess we'll be seeing ads inserted into other ads soon enough...

@person Yep, occasionally I see a friend watching videos on facebook, and the video posts will stop to be interrupted by ad videos. It's kinda crazy, especially when half the time the content is kinda rubbish anyway

@hearsepileup I mean to be fair Google also does that, apparently, I only use mpv and NewPipe so I never see them :)

@person I use Kodi and newpipe, but mpv looks really interesting; I shall be checking this out!

It's so nice to not have to gouge my eyes out. I hate ads with a passion 🤣

@hearsepileup Me too! YouTube got to the level of being unwatchable without sponsorblock (which you thankfully can use with mpv). Sadly content creation nowadays is a business, so ads are inevitable since it's more profitable than selling the content like in Vimeo :(
At least we can block tham though.

@person Oh man, sponsorblock sounds awesome! It is starting to get to the point where I have to skip over the sponsor section just because it gets so annoying haha.

At some point the internet really is due a reckoning with the fact that server space is not free. I'm curious to see if the web monetization api goes anywhere...

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