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The phrase "Delete facebook" marks your post as 'unboostable' (the algorithm penalises you) for 'improper reference to the brand'

But if you say "Delete Facebook™", you're golden 🤣

Goddamn facebook is a corporate hellscape.

Finally made it back into the studio; it's been a while! Matt's voice is still wrecked though >:(

Can anyone recommend a "Fitbit" like device that allows you to be in control of your own data? (as in, it doesn't transmit your data to 3rd parties & lets you control where the data can go?)

Boosts definitely appreciated

We just released the crowdsourced music vid we created for "We're All Going To Hell" under lockdown conditions. Thanks so much to all who helped out!


It's been a while folks, but we're still here.⠀

Finally, just in time for the second apocalypse, we finally give you "We're All Going To Hell"⠀



Someone created a list of the recent times people used AI in evil ways. Remember the people who deployed this technology are to blame not the algorithms.


Our frontman was in an interview around the subject of cultivating good critical thought, how contralised social media is bad for your health, and the willingness of the UK to let great music venues be turned into flats.


Want to be in our next music video?

Email band@hearsepileup.de or send us a message. You don't even have to break quarantine!

In these unpredictable times, anything you can do to move toward self-sufficiency is a good idea.

We recommend turning your hand to some gardening anyway; it's good for your mental health.

Take care of yourselves.


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Doing a few touch-ups before the release

We're happy to announce the release of our first single from Mayday - Grindstone - today!

It's been a long time coming but it's finally here


Thinking of merging this account with @gaffen, as I'm not sure there's enough reason to keep my band and personal identities distinct. Thoughts?

@aladar @luka @th4 @kynduum @NOISEBOB @hecanjog @hearsepileup @electret @flavigula @alexsleepy

HK government rescinds extradition law (one of 5 main protestor demands). our fundraising musical collection prolly contributed only infinitesimally to this effort, but still its a contribution ... (> $0.)

(also may have musical value outside of fundraising (for others to say))

nice work comrades!

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