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Yesterday, I finally pushed my current source code implementing the Exposure Notification API to the @microg git repository.
This will allow using apps that use the Google/Apple framework for COVID-19 contact tracing on Android devices without the Google tracking it usually involves.

The current code is already functional, but still needs some improvements before it's ready for general public, but I am certain it's going to make it in the next @microg release.

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Folgende Informationen hat der Messenger Signal über seine Nutzer gespeichert:
- Letzte Verbindung zum Server
- Datum, an dem der Account erstellt wurde
- Sonst nichts


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I appreciated this video because he is articulate, insightful, and talks about how to improve the world in a more subtle way than you may have heard before.


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Careful reminder that what I'm doing should not discourage you from how you do things. Heck, please don't do that. Find a way to make things comfortable for you, that's the take away from these toots.

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Because I love the stylesheets on @sir websites and #Sourcehut, I decided to extract them from the sr.ht source code, so everyone can use them in their websites! The CSS framework is called "devault css".

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Announcing the SourceHut project hub 🎉


I don't usually explicitly ask for shares, but this is a big deal for SourceHut - the project hub solves one of our major goals for the alpha. Please help spread the word ❤️

"Jedoch gibt es auch in aktuellen Firefox-Versionen einen ganz einfachen Trick, um alle veränderten Einstellungen zu finden."



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Wer Jitsi Meet aus den APT-Quellen installiert, bei dem sind die STUN-Server nicht mehr auf Google vorkonfiguriert - das ist eine veraltete Info. Schon seit Tagen.


A big thank you to @Liberapay for providing such a convenient platform!

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B1 Systems hilft!
Ab sofort unterstützen wir deutschlandweit Unternehmen mit 4 Stunden Gratis Support im Bereich Linux & Open Source

Registrierung und weitere Informationen unter:


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RT @Yascha_Mounk@twitter.com

The Italian College of Anesthesia, Analgesia, Resuscitation and Intensive Care just published the most extraordinary medical document I’ve ever seen.

To help people from Germany to America understand what we’re about to face, I am publishing translated extracts here.


🐦🔗: twitter.com/Yascha_Mounk/statu

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Ich hab mal ein bisschen was zur effektiven Zeitplanung in Heimarbeit geschrieben: leah.is/posts/zeitplanung-und-

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As the reality of a Linux phone gets closer, Android becomes more and more Linux like.

I can finally edit documents on my phone with free software. It doesn't look like it's on @fdroidorg yet.

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Mockups of the #sourcehut project hub. These two screens will be shown for new users and experienced users, respectively.

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Genau das habe ich gesucht: Fundiertes Lesefutter, um die rechtsextremen Netzwerke und Verschwörungstheorien zu verstehen. 12 Seiten Zusammenfassung, 76 Seiten Report, unten nochmal Link zu 100 Seiten PDF. Danke!

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