It's probably too early to call any record my "AOTY" right now, but I've been spinning this new Ad Nauseum several times per day since discovering it a week ago. Real trippy avant-garde death metal with psychedelic twinges and atmosphere. Kind of reminds me of Obscura-era Gorguts, but even more unhinged and cerebral.

Not technically music related, but a good friend of ours recently completed a piece of art he's been working on for months for our podcast. I thought I'd share it here as I think it turned out stellar.

I find the artwork for this upcoming release to be a little cringey, but the atmosphere (and vocals) is superbly bleak.

Published a new podcast episode this morning for the debut LP Apex Profane from the deathgrind/goregrind quartet, Miasmatic Necrosis. Has anyone had an opportunity to check that record out? It's pretty moist.

@Rhymling I couldn't get into Death Atlas nearly as much as their previous albums, but I'll give it a go again to see if my perception shifts. I also never gave Infant Annihilator's record a full spin, so I will go check that one out as well :)

@R Thank you so much :) Hopefully you dig the podcast; we have a tendency to go on a lot of weird and non-sensical diatribes. And I also have not heard of several releases on your list, so I will get to work on familiarizing myself with them!

@Halbeard I appreciate you checking it out! We're a super small outlet and it's been that way for a long while, primarily because it's a hobby for all of us. Hopefully, you find some of our recommendations decent. We seldom receive feedback on our coverage, so I never know what people generally think

@Halbeard Only two minutes deep and it sounds superb! Thank you for sharing this :)

@Halbeard even more underground than me, clearly! I need to step up my game

@Halbeard wonderful! I actually only know one album on that entire list of yours haha. I have a bunch of listening to do

Hey everyone! I'm new to all of this, so just wanted to say hello for my first post. I operate a small podcast/webzine named From Corners Unknown, located over in the States. We typically cover underground releases in extreme metal and dark ambient.

Recently, we published our year-end lists for 2020, and I was curious what some of your favorite albums from last year were as I'm always on the lookout for new and outlandish sounds.

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